As per Delhi Police ,they found a strange Notebook during their investigation into the said mass suicide in Burari area of New Delhi .In this Notebook they found many guidelines and instructions which seems spiritual and supernatural from the year 2017.All instructions were preceded from a image of temple sketched in that Notebook.

The trepidation style of instructions carry the tips how to control your inner pain and how to cope up with the fear by closing eyes and tying hands.

The police investigation into this mass suicide now viciously circled around the degusting reason of superstations in regard to have some supernatural power which is practiced religiously in the name Hindu deities.

All the Hanging dead bodies were surrounded by many Hindu deities. An another aged woman who were lying dead slitting her throat on ground along with this note book that revealed this terrified, dark and mysterious instructions which seems a scene of Hollywood Terror Movie.

The Sunday Police investigation into this horrific murder mystery as per the sinister Notebook revealed that if all the 11 were hanged to death exactly as it has written ,then these death in return of their lives even promised good fortune to this family.

A previous maid who had worked in this family and left her job after 6 years told to press , “All family members were extremely religious. The head of the household, Bhupi Bhatia, would often lose control of himself whenever there were religious functions. He would start saying incomprehensible things and often acted very weirdly,”

Nalini Deka, psychologist in Delhi University urged, “I have seen such cult groups sedate their subjects with drugs and make them do whatever they want. We cannot just mention cult groups and rule out the possibility of drug cartels behind this,”

A helper of their business of furniture shop even told, “Mr. Bhatia was a very jolly man. However, since the past week something had been visibly troubling him.”

Many senior Delhi Police official in this regard told in one voice that there are many laws and acts to prevent crimes in this country but unfortunately for such furious and horrific occult practice that led unnatural deaths of many such lives without any reason has no such rule of laws in this country to stop it.

A neighbor in anger and  agony told, “They would hold frequent and grand functions. They used to invite many priests and only did whatever they told them. I remember for their daughter’s engagement everything was decided and instructed by the priests. Even the venue.”

On the other hand relatives of this Bhatia family  dismissed  any spiritual angle but strongly claimed itas,’some one has killed all of them’. “

Sujata, one of this family’s relative urged,” Someone killed them and all the reports on spiritual angle are bogus. This family was a happy and peace-loving one who never believed in babas,”

Additional DCP of North Delhi also  said, “these notes have strong similarity with the manner in which the mouths, eyes etc of the deceased were tied and taped”.

Post-Mortem reports on 6 out of 11 revealed that there is no sign of any kind of struggle during their death.

Even Cops in the investigation are not ready to sideline the reason of this mass suicide as a result of strategic and pre-planned .Delhi Police is now investigating into this Brutal Death concerning all the angles and possibility.

Delhi Police could able to identify all the deceased is as follows-

Narayan Bhatia (75), her daughter Partibha (60), Partibha’s daughter Priyanka (30), Narayan’s older son Bhupi Bhatia (46), his wife Savita (42), their children Nitu (24), Meenu (22) and Dhiru (12), Narayan’s younger son Lalit Bhatia (42) and his wife Tina (38).

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