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Post-mortem report reveals the death as due to Heart -Attack

Is the National Capital really a safe and secured place to live in?

Is the law and order of this National Capital runs out of order?

-By Anjan Kumar Samal


When an Honest Police officer of High profile Delhi Police who was serving the highest authority of world’s largest democracy ,PM Modi was attacked in broad day light and died consequently and further was stamped as died due to heart attack,then how the common men in Delhi shall rely on Delhi Police.

Astonishingly , a police officer  named as Raj Kumar was part and parcel of PM of India’s VVIP Security was died  on May 19th 2019.The post Mortem report reveals the death amid Heart attack which was objected by his remained family member and alleged the case as a conspiracy theory against Raj Kumar. Family Members accused the incident as a clear cut Murder.This unprecedented incident has been taken place at Kasturba Nagar , Sahadara in the National Capital.

The remained family members of deceased SI, Raj Kumar were his wife and 2 daughter.As there is not any Male member of the family ,his elder daughter did all the cremation activities.His wife alleged the incident  that he was murdered due to personal animity with some local youth and was attacked with scissor by a youth at near by shop near by his residence owned by Mr. Verma.

Apart from his official duty , he was also involved in many social activism like maintaining near by area including working for people of Jhuggi Cluster at Kastuba Nagar,Shahdara in the National Capital.It was reported from many local residents that some people involved in illegal liquor and Marijuana business were dead against Mr. Raj Kumar who might have involved in this attack.

              Two Daughters of SI Raj Kumar with An Activist of Yuva Ekta Foundation 


All the members alleged that no one at the time of attack on Raj Kumar , no local people tried to save this honest Police officer.The day ,Mr. Raj Kumar did not attend the PM Modi’s Security as PM Modi was out of the National Capital at Badrinath. When ever the Prime Minister presents in Delhi he was absolutely doing his duty as part of the PM’s VVIP Security.

It’s really unfortunate that an honest Police officer was attacked on broad day light and also was hospitalized and consequently his death was tagged as just died for heart attack.

Even all the Members of Mr. Raj Kumar are being seen appealing to NAMO 2.0 to intervene in this matter to provide them justice in a Facebook video posted by  Bobby Kataria – Yuva Ekta Foundation .

The Post viewers trend even touching more than 4 lakh as it’s going viral vigorously.



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