ANJAN K SAMAL || Today it seems the day of CASH CRUNCH as many ATMS across India including all the Metro cities in addition to the National Capital, Delhi and Economical capital, Mumbai. People are facing huge problems in this regard also but no response till has come from our Policy Makers of the Country.

After Demonetization, people of India had faced such trouble of CASH LESS ATMs and today, the day of 17th April 2018 also looks like the bringing back of the past days of cash crunch. Many died standing in the row and many even did suicide due to unable to en cash their old notes and currency in the past days in the aftermath of Demonetization.

At that time the Present BJP Government had claimed that in long run, demonetization will check corruption and our economy shall be boomed. But in fact such boom has not seen till today but it looks the Economy of our country is in trouble.

Digitization and demonetization is the Policy of MODI Led BJP Govt. but now digitization looks alike hurdles in front of everyday livelihood of People of India. As 80-90 percent of People of India doesn’t carry cash in pocket due to digitization as where ever they need, they take it out of the ATMs by using their Debit or Credit Cards .But when these ATMS stand crunched without cash, then what the public will do is the biggest question in front of people of India Today.

What will be tomorrow, the time shall decide.  Let’s wait and watch till then.

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