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When author’s one of the students committed suicide in 2018, she was shocked and couldn’t believe what instigated that boy to take such an extreme step at such a tender age. Then her friend’s son, her batchmate, her neighbor’s daughter..and list went on. That was the time she thought to do something for those depressed souls and that is how concept of ‘Chase your life dreams’ was born in her mind. Through this book she tried to tell our youths that whatever they are facing at any particular time is not a permanent situation and that phase shall pass too. Through different chapters author deals with the concept by telling short stories and real life experiences, which can guide and inspire the readers to face the hurdles and setbacks of their life with a positive attitude.

Alka Dixit

What if you dreamt to live in the luxury of a castle and find yourself landing in an enclosed cell? What if your dreams are shattered by your own thoughts and actions? What if your destiny puts you in a situation that is beyond your own imagination? Thoughts make the foundations of your life because they are responsible for each and every decision and action you take, for each and every choice you make, in order to chase your dreams. That way, negative thoughts can have a devastating effect on your life, and can ruin your plans for happier living. With the simple Act of choosing the wrong thought, you can be deviated from your life’s purpose. It could trap you in a situation you never wanted to be in. What if we create our own thoughts based on our dreams? We will reach our dream destination sooner or later. This is an eternal truth and you can see that people who are focused and determined will get success most of the time. Chase your life dreams is a guide to choosing the right, positive thoughts over the negative ones, to find the true purpose of your life, to create your own destiny, and to lead a meaningful and joyous life.

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