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Chidambaram’s ‘trump card’: section 482 of CRPC

INX Media Case: Former Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram plays ‘trump card’ from Tihar, as he confirms of making application to Delhi High Court Under section 482 of CRPC
|| Anjan Kumar Samal
Congress Veteran and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, accused in INX Media scam case , threw a trump card on from Delhi’s Tihar Jail Wednesday. In fact, he has made section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) as his weapon of defense on the issue of INX MEDIA CASE in the Delhi High Court.  He has filed a bail petition in the Delhi High Court and has also challenged the order given for his judicial custody put forwarding the example under section 482 of CRPC.

In this case , the legal Editor of ‘CNN News 18’ informed about by tweeting, “Chidambaram has approached the Delhi High Court. This is not a simple Bell petition on his part, but he has asked to dismiss the entire process / action taken against him under Section 482 of the CrPC. ”

What is section 482 of CRPC ?:

Section 482 of CRPC talks on the inherent powers of the High Court. The section states that the inherent powers of the High Court cannot be limited by any provision of this Code. These are the inherent powers which are required under this Code to give effect to any order or to prevent the misuse of any court procedure or to secure or to get justice.

According to Supreme Court advocate Parikshit Sharma, “Section 482 of the CrPC provides of the powers vested in the High Court. It is most commonly used to quash FIRs. People can go to the High Court through this to end wrong and fabricated cases / FIRs. The provision for the same is mentioned in section 482 of CRPC. “

Is there any Scheme of Modi Govt. to take the nation out of many Trouble?

Chidambaram once again raised concern over the state of the economy. He raised the question on Wednesday whether the Modi government has any plans to lift the country out of this phase of despair(economic recession)?

On behalf of the jailed Congress leader, his family tweeted from Chidambaram’s Twitter handle, “Thanks everyone for the help. I have been surprised by the ability of poor people to differentiate between justice and injustice. I got a chance to meet and talk to them in the last few days. “

The further tweet in this regard unveiled, “I am very concerned about the economy. Poor people are the worst affected. Poor and middle class are affected by low income, low jobs, low trade and low investment. What plan does the government have to get out of this difficult and frustrating country? ”

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