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Chitiz Agarwal is providing free education on the Salesforce ecosystem

The world is changing fast and everything is becoming digital. Ways of Communication have been transformed and so are businesses. Salesforce is a part of this change, and it helps businesses to go digital without any worry.

Salesforce simplifies the use of a cloud-based business application and helps stay connected with customers. Salesforce is the leading CRM platform in the world.

Using this technology to provide the best services Techila Global Services is dominating the field. Based in India and the USA it provides cloud-based software and mobile digital solutions for enterprises.

Chitiz Agarwal CEO of Techila Global Services is using this customer success platform to provide the best quality services to its users. He has experience of more than a decade in this field, and he is a master in this domain.

With his leadership, he desires to influence others. He has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 8 years. His experience in the technology domain has contributed heavily to the success of the company. He is also a Forbes Technology Council Member and a Community Group Leader in Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

Chitiz Agarwal is also the founder of the company and Under his mentorship, Techila Global Services has reached new heights and redefined its limits. With dedication, expertise, and leadership Chitiz has created a strong and powerful image of his company in the market.

Techila Global Services has been a massive success in marketing and promotions. Young Entrepreneurs look up to him for inspiration. The company works according to the needs of their customers and always provide customizable services.

Chitiz has also integrated with big brands like QuickBooks, Xero, WordPress, Moodle, Goto Meeting, Dropbox, Amazon. His unique strategies and advance plans have helped the company boost the cross-selling, up-selling of clients’ business.

Salesforce has a huge scope in the country, but only certification is not enough for you to get a good job. You need to be passionate about it and try some free projects to get the experience and then go for a good job.

Chitiz believes that knowledge and awareness can change anyone’s life. He understands how crucial it is to get knowledge but also understands that not everyone can afford good quality education. He aims to provide free education to people on the Salesforce ecosystem.

Chitiz has completed his B. Tech + 3 Major Salesforce Certification and invested all the wisdom he gained in his business. He has experience of 14+ years in Apart from this, he is involved in all the aspects of Software Development for instance requirement engineering, architecture design, development, enhancements, testing, and deployment, and can also perform these tasks independently.

Techila Global Services has provided the best services, and it is one of the most preferred choices of entrepreneurs and businessmen. It has now more than 500+ happy customers and 800+ complete projects, Techila Global Services is a reputed name in the market. They also have 100+ third party integration and 500+ happy customers.

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