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Closed Door Discussion in UN  On the Kashmir Issue

Indian sources from abroad enlightened that no member of the Security Council agreed to call a formal or plenary meeting on the present issue of Kashmir, consequently China had demanded an informal discussion. 

—Adv. Karan Singh Thakur

The Security Council agreed on closed-door discussion to save the  the international dignity of China’s best Friend Pakistan which has been continuing without any solution yet.

The discussion on the Kashmir issue has begun in New York among members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). When Pakistan is very excited and hopeful about  something positive for Pakistan in this closed door meeting,at the same time India does not seem to give it much attention along with zero importance.

The reason for India’s reluctance is that in recent years there has been a trend of such informal discussions in which members of the Security Council interacted in closed rooms and no information came out of them. 

Other major reasons for India’s defection are Russia’s strong stand against China-Pakistan and the United States as well as the United States  who themselves are not particularly at all interested in this matter to have an International discussion.

However, Pakistan has been extremely excited ever since the UN Security Council listed the issue for discussion. 

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has even described it as a historic achievement of Pakistan in which in fact there is not a single achievement of Pakistan to be applauded world wide in this regard.

He says that the UNSC has agreed to discuss the Kashmir issue after 40 years, which is a historic diplomatic achievement of Pakistan. While the truth is that Security Council President Joanna Roneka did not even allow the presence of the Pakistani representative in the meeting.

 On Pakistan’s plea, China had demanded a formal council meeting in the presence of a Pakistani representative from Poland, but the current chairman of the Security Council  could not gather the consent of the member states. Therefore, at the initiative of China, initiated it as an informal meeting in a closed room. 

India is not giving special attention to this meeting. Indian sources said that no member of the Security Council agreed to call a formal or plenary meeting on Kashmir, after which China had to demand an informal discussion. UN agreed on closed-door talks to save the international dignity of his friend Pakistan, which has no formal outcome till yet.

The last informal meeting was held in 1971 and the last formal or full meeting in 1965. The Pakistani Foreign Minister tweeted on Thursday, “The UNSC has accepted our request and is going to discuss India’s unilateral decision tomorrow and the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir.” We will continue to raise the voice of Kashmir on every platform.

The world is familiar with the old tactics of Pakistan 

Indian diplomats call this trick the old handgun of Pakistan. India believes that in the past Pakistan has been prone to nuclear war, genocide, jihad etc. An official said, ‘We don’t think anyone (in Kashmir) has any particular interest in it. If it were, the UNSC would call an emergency meeting. The fact is that only one country (China) demanded it.

UNSC President’s body language speaks a lot in Favor of India

The UN’s unwillingness to pay attention to the latest Kashmir issue is also reflected in the body language of UNSC President Joanna Ronica. He did not pay any attention to the question related to Kashmir during a press briefing. A spokesman for the US State Department in Washington also rejected all attempts by Pakistani journalists to draw attention to Kashmir.

Many countries, including Russia, France, will give a blow to Pak-China. 

 At the same time, India is also expected to get another permanent member’s help of the Security Council, France and some countries of the European Union with its temporary membership may back India in this regard.


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