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Contradiction in Statements Concerning NRC : Modi Vs Shah

Recently the Prime Minister of India, Narender Damodar Das Modi did kick start the Election campaign eyeing the coming Assembly Election of Delhi Vidhansabha in the National Capital of India by addressing a huge rally at Ram Lila Maidan .

||Anjan Kumar Samal

During his address to the public gathered there, Mr. Modi categorically mentioned that neither BJP nor anybody hails from BJP did initiate any discussion concerning NRC and alleged the Opposition parties that these are the falsehood of opposition to defame the Bhartiya Janta Party and his governance to Incredible India. He further even didn’t forget to mention that there is no Detention Center founded by his government in any part of the country. After which many media reports did reveal concerning the authenticity of the Detention center in the state of Assam.

But unfortunately, it was unveiled that Mr. Modi’s statements concerning NRC is absolutely against the statement of country’s Home Minister Amit Shah, in which Mr. Shah categorically remarked in the Parliament that CAA is the chronology of NRC and after implementation of CAA or CAB, NRC shall be mandatory for all the people of India across the Nation.

Is this a healthy Democratic Practice?

It’s also evident that on the day of passing the Bill of CAA, Mr. Prime Minister was not present on the floor of parliament, but that doesn’t mean that he is not aware of the statement of the nation’s Home Minister with such a sensitive issue.

This is the reason for which the news article has tagged with the Headline that ‘Statements in Contrary’.
Initially, regarding NRC, he urged people of India not to have their faith in rumors and alleged the opposition parties indirectly to make bound the people of India to follow such falsehood about NRC.

On contrary, the closest and the most trusted of MODI, Mr. shah directly had informed the people of India from the highest temple of democracy that people of India need to understand the CHRONOLOGY of CAA to meet the basic principle of NRC. He made it clear that after coming of CAB, NRC will come into force and NRC will not come into force for the state of West Bengal but the entire nation.

Simultaneously in the recently held rally in the RAM LILA MAIDAN, Mr. Prime Minister with an angry voice stated that after my Government did work on the ground after 2014 to date nowhere, there is no discussion or debate on the issue of NRC.


On contrary on the day of May 1, 2019, during a public rally, Mr. Home Minister had made it clear that after the implementation of CAB, our government will bring forward the NRC. In this rally, Mr. Shah asked the public that tell him, the burden of Refugees we are burdening should out of this country or not?
On contrary, Mr. Modi during the Public rally at RAM LILA MAIDAN indirectly blamed the Apex court of India by put forwarding his logic that this CAA and NRC concerning AASAM we did accordingly as per the direction and behest of the Supreme Court of India.

On the other hand, as on September 18, 2019, Mr. Amit Shah had stated that not only in Assam but also NRC will be implemented across the country. He further urged that BJP govt. will bring this law and it must be implemented across the nation.

Now, it’s the time to decide, Isn’t is the contradiction in between the statements of the Nation’s Prime Minister and the Honorable Home Minister of India?

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