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Conversation with Manita V: Author of The Masquerade

How does it feel to see your debut novel ‘The Masquerade’ become a bestseller?

It’s an overwhelming feeling. I feel blessed. I was confident of positive feedback because I had worked hard on the book, and my readers were looking forward to it. But to be honest, I didn’t expect the phenomenal response it received. The reviews on Amazon and Goodreads have also been fantastic.

What have been the best moments of your writing journey?

People writing to me that my stories rekindled hope in their lives, made them feel happy, or helped them in some way makes me feel accomplished. It feels like a connection built beyond borders, nationalities, religions, and genders. They are the most precious moments for me.

You have a global fan following. Why do you think your workscross boundaries and touch readers across the world?

I believe we are all inherently similar, with similar desires, needs, hopes, and aspirations. I love writing about relatable emotions and diverse characters overcoming challenges in different circumstances. I’ve been lucky enough to find readers who love to read them.

We know your books were plagiarised several times. You even removed your online content in 2017. How did you deal with it, and what kept you going during the difficult times?

It’s heart-breaking for any writer or artist to find someone stealing your work. It was a terrible phase for me too. But I try to take obstacles as opportunities to learn. I took the lesson of safeguarding my work better, turned to publish my books as paperback and ebooks, and sought legal help, as well. My family has been very supportive all this time. Thankfully, I’ve built a relationship with my readers for the past 10 years. They stood by me during the tough times, sent their love through hundreds of emails, and followed me when I changed writing platforms.

You have written 9 novels online,which had 10 million+ reads across various platforms. You removed them due to plagiarism. Please tell the readers where and when will they be able to read their beloved books?

This is one question that I’m asked very frequently. I was sad when I had to remove them as I love my books as much as my readers. Now, I’ll be bringing them back aspaperback novels and ebooks. And I’m really excited about it.

You are a successful practising doctor too. Do you find any similarities in your careers in medicine and writing?

I’m in love with all the roles I play. Both as a doctor and a writer, I try to understand life, help people heal and bring a semblance of hope and positivity to the lives I touch.

What is one genre that excites you the most?

I’d say it’s not one genre but the crux of stories based on human relationships in varied settings that excites me. I try to write in a different genre every time I begin a new book. For example, The Masquerade was a psychological thriller. Spark and Spice, my next book, is a contemporary fiction novel. I’ve previously written a war novel, a YA fiction, a family saga, and many short stories.

Your books are known for strong female leads, multi dimensional characters and diversity. Readers love your fluid, detailed writing style. It makes us wonder how much time does it take you to finish a complete novel?

There is no set time limit. It takes anywhere from 6 months to a year if I am fortunate enough to get uninterrupted writing time, few hours a day. But time is a resource I keep running out of. And I don’t do things rigidly. I let them flow to take their own course. Hence, the detailing I achieve.

Best wishes for your upcoming release- Spark and Spice. Tell us something about it.

Thank you. Spark and Spice explores elements that make relationships spirited andsizzling,but meaningful and profound at the same time.This book is special for me because it introduced me to several readers, followers and friends. It wassuperhit when its first draft was published online. At one platform, it crossed 1 Million+ reads. We are all excited about it.

Thank you for the conversation. Please tell our readers where can they connect with you.

Readers can get in touch with me at my websitewww.manitav.netI frequently write blogs there. I am also regular on Twitter – @DrManita and Instagram – @manita_vb

Thank you. I loved the questions.

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