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Little shoulders conveying the burden of education or the cargo of private publishers

|| Anjan K Samal

Many mothers alike Neelam and others whose children are small are school goers are bothered in regards to their education. But this time this concern is not in regard to education or syllabus of their children but about the health of their children both physically mentally.

Today’s parents of our gen-next are extremely being worried that their children are becoming little porter. And the prime reason for all this is the heavy books of private publishers those are provided by all most all the schools forcefully across the nation.

Although, both the Education Department and the HRD Ministry have set several guidelines and strictures to schools regarding the weight of books, syllabus, and weight of school bags those are carried by little school goers, but unfortunately private schools never ever followed these guidelines and official orders.

Every morning during school time, parents of thousands of little school goers are being perturbed by watching their kids carrying their heavy school bags near the bus stop and on the ways towards their respective schools. But after following the principles of formalities, neither the government nor the schools have taken any cognizance against this and neither did take any step in this direction.

As per the rules, the weight of the school bag should be 1.5 kg for class one and class two, 3 kg for class third to fifth, 5 kg for class sixth and seventh and the weight of the school bag from class Eight to Ten should be between 4.5 kg to 5.


But now this concern of parents has been understood and recognized by ‘Delhi Parents Association’ and now this organization is going to initiate a special drive for the sake of thousands of our little school goers across Delhi and NCR.

In this special drive, this organization will measure the weight of the school bags of little school goers by installing a weighing machine outside different schools.

And after getting the data, this organization will inform the government in regard to the forced act of schools to carry the cargo of Private publishers.

Aparajita Gautam, president of the Delhi Parents Association, urged to NDTV during an interview “we will go to different schools and collect the data of the weight of school bags those are carried by little school goers and the date shall be shared with Delhi Government and HRD Ministry for the further course of action.” 

According to her, the weight of bags of school-going children of many classes is absolutely 2-3 times more than the average.

If these efforts and campaign of ‘Delhi Parents Association’ are reflected it’s true color, then the unwanted and unnecessary burden of the children of other states along with Delhi will be reduced and parents must be able to breathe peacefully for the sake of their little angels.


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