Cricket Players Who Went to Jail for Betting

It’s not uncommon for prominent athletes, including cricket players, to have been afoul of the law. Moreover, it is fundamental to a universe where cricket and crime are inseparable. 

Cricket has been associated with a wide variety of criminal activities, including but not limited to betting, sexual assault, tax evasion, and match manipulation. 

Keep in mind that if you want to bet on sports, you should only do so at legitimate bookies like India24bets and only on conditions that are clear to both parties. Also, this article will inform you about several cricketers who have served time in jail for fixing matches for financial gain.

Salman Butt

After being found guilty of spot-fixing in 2011, former Pakistan captain Salman Butt was given a 30-month prison term. Butt was found guilty of accepting corrupt bribes from fast bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir in exchange for delivering no-balls in a 2010 Lord’s Test against England. 

Amir and Asif were banned from cricket for five and seven years, respectively, because of the incident, while Butt received a ten-year suspension.

Asif Ali Zardari

In 1996, Asif Ali Zardari, a former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, was incarcerated for his role in a match-fixing scandal. He was given a 32-month jail term but was freed after just 12 months. To avoid any kind of betting scandal just go to a legally approved Indian bookmaker.

Zardari was banned from cricket for life in 2000 when he was caught match-fixing again. Nevertheless, in 2008 he was granted a pardon by the government of Pakistan and reinstated to the cricket team. 

Zardari was found guilty of money laundering in 2010 and given a 10-year jail term. In 2013, he was granted bail, and in 2014, his conviction was reversed on appeal. Since then, Zardari has been linked to other scandals but has avoided further legal consequences.

Mohammad Amir

Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Amir was convicted of rigging the results of a match in 2010 and sentenced to jail. With his comeback to cricket in 2016, he has been an integral part of the Pakistani squad. 

Amir was caught up in the spot-fixing controversy that shook the cricket world when he was only 18 years old. He received a six-month prison term and spent three months before being released on probation.  

Amir has been one of Pakistan’s most effective bowlers since his comeback. He was a major reason why Pakistan was able to win the Champions Trophy in 2017, and his efforts earned him the award for Best Player. 

Because of his skill and will to succeed, Amir has overcome his troubled background to become one of Pakistan’s most beloved cricketers. This is a true story about the rise from the ashes.

Danish Kaneria

Former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria was convicted of spot-fixing in England and sentenced to prison. The 2009 county cricket match in which Kaneria was involved in a match-fixing conspiracy. 

The England and Wales Cricket Board permanently disqualified him from playing the sport (ECB). Kaneria was arrested and accused of match-fixing by the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in 2012. 

During the trial, he was found guilty and sentenced to six years in jail. Kaneria makes history as the first Pakistani cricketer to go to prison for match rigging. And he’s the only cricketer in history to get a lifetime ban from the English Cricket Board.


Several cricketers have been convicted of major crimes, but others have turned their life around to become great role models for younger players. The sport of cricket is one that can and should be enjoyed by anyone, but be very cautious if you plan on placing any wagers on it. It’s on you to watch out for yourself and make sure you’re not in danger.

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