Crocodile tears

Aryan Jaiswal// Crocodile tears this word is coming into the trend in Twitter and other social media platforms after the address of PM Narendra Modi to the nation on 22nd May 2021. Here while speaking and appreciating health and front line workers PM Modi got emotional and he cried in front of the whole nation, but this time very little sympathy and more criticism are being given to the Indian Prime minister, the Twitter again come with the trend of #crocodile cry with same in other social media platform.

It was not the 1st time when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi cried in front of whole nation, it has many times when he cried after failing to save country from crises of to save live, the same thing happened after Pulvama attack and now after the deaths of lakhs of people because of poor health sector and election campaign, again PM cried.

“Crocodile are innocent” said by the Rahul Gandhi in tweeter when this incident happened, after this incident also the sympathy is not being seen in people, which earlier used to be seen, but this time it impacted differently rather than taking sympathy they gain more criticism which is still being continued and seen in social media handles. When country started getting 2nd wave then our prime minister was busy in Bengal election camping at that time when more life’s can be saved no initiative is being taken rather road shows is being organized with lakhs of people in Bengal. At the same time Kumbh was given permission in Utthrakhand where lakhs of people participated. It’s not the end over here around 6crores vaccines are being sold in international market, where in this time Indians are struggling for vaccines and now India is buying vaccine from international market.

It’s was done knowingly in the 2nd wave of the pandemic that what can be its circumstances, the worst pandemic is ever seen this time where thousands of body was floating river Ganga and thousands of graves in the sand is seen in banks of Ganga. This time the tears will not show any effect on people only the change will show.

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