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Curtailment Reinforced in Many Parts of Srinagar

Curtailment sustained in various parts of the Kashmir as per concerned officials for as many as 14th day


—By Anjan Kumar Samal

Diminutions were again reimposed in various parts of Srinagar on August 18 after reports of violence . It was really unfortunate to happen so as it’s just a day before the very 1st batch of HAJ PILGRIMS came back to Kashmir from Saudi Arabia.

The officials further informed this so called restrictions, post abrogation of Article 370 in various parts of the Kashmir for a fort night .

After witnessing the trouble of violence on Aug 17 in various parts of the city the said restrictions reimposed for the sake of intact law and order, as per the latest official sources. They even informed about the injuries of many protesters at many places during their protest.

The officials informed about the landing of 300 HAJ PILGRIMS at the Srinagar Airport in the early morning.

 “Only one family member is allowed at the airport to receive the Hajis. A fleet of the State Road Transport Corporation [SRTC] buses has been deployed to facilitate the movement of Hajis and their relatives with the coordination of all district administrations,” an concerned authority told.

Rohit Kansal, a spokes person of Government on August 17 told that this  the Curtailment  were assuaged in 35 police station of different areas of the Srinagar valley. But the re imposition of restrictions was ordered at various places where the incidents of confrontations in between groups of youths and Security forces found .Mr. Kansal informed in these protest at at least 6 places in the valley in which as many as eight protesters were injured.

A Telecom official of the valley informed about a matter of relaxation that Land line Telephone services already has been restored and the process of hundred percent restoration of this service is under it’s way.


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