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Daughter, Wife and Wife’s partner killed a man

A South Delhi man 25-year-old got killed by his daughter, wife and her partner. The accused had been held, the police said on Saturday. Atul, Deputy Police Commissioner said the victim identified as Sanjay Tanwar alias Mahendra has been strangled to death by his wife, her partner Manoj, the minor daughter of the couple and her classmate.

Police said they got a call on July 2 starting a man’s body was lying in a drain near the village of Bhati. A tattoo written with ‘ST’ has been discovered on the body. Police also found a car abandoned approximately a kilometer from the drain. Once the car was examined for ownership it was found to be in the hands of Mahendra alias Sanjay, a Dera Village resident. The tattoo even helped in identifying the suspect.

Sanjay’s brother was then questioned by police. The brother also reportedly told police that the wife of the couple always quarreled over a guy called Dalchant alias Dalu alias Manoj who often came home.

Manoj reportedly admitted to the crime during the investigation which he believed he had committed with the wife of the accused. The wife was caught, and they apprehended the two little girls too. Manoj allegedly revealed that for the last nine months he had been in a relationship with the victim’s wife and got to know about the two, he began to beat his wife and daughter.

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