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Delhi : Pinnacles the Record of Most Polluted Metro City in the world

Delhi is the most polluted city with 527 AQI across the Globe  in the World Air Quality Index rankings according to Air Visual data.

|| Anjan K Samal

The Supreme Court on Friday manifested concern over the intensifying level of pollution in Delhi-NCR. The court categorically remarked that Delhi is passing through an extremely bad air quality situation. The air quality index is now a day close to 600 which is lethal to breathe in.


Chief Secretaries were called on by the Apex Court

The apex court, amid this ascending level of pollution, has summoned the chief secretaries of Punjab, Haryana, UP and Delhi to know the steps taken to reduce air pollution level in Delhi-NCR.

13 major places should be pollution-free

A bench comprising of Justices Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta ordered that the 13 major places of the National Capital need to be pollution-free.


The court asked, Why can’t we have a clean and green Delhi.

Odd-Even Scheme of Delhi Govt. is not at all Effective

The court informed the odd-even scheme is not working. The pollution level has been rising relentlessly even after its implementation of the Odd-Even scheme along with cheks in stubble burning in neighboring states.

How much pollution from which sources?

CPCB(Central Pollution Control Board ) informed the court about all the concerned reasons for the Himalayan level of pollution. The rising man made pollution has many sources like 5% by burning of stubble, 8% by truck, 7% by two-wheeler, 5% by a three-wheeler and 3% by small commercial vehicles. Leaving above all, burning waste, wood, biomass, kerosene also have a huge contribution to this heavy pollution.


Delhi government said that pollution has reduced by 15% during the even-odd scheme which looks not the fact as per the remark of the Supreme Court of India. At the same time, the Center talked about the trial of the smog tower in Delhi within eight months. The court urged, what is the need for trial when it is working in other countries.

What is Smog Tower ?

Smog towers are structures designed as large-scale air purifiers to reduce Air Pollution Particles.These particles are microscopic (Can’t be seen in naked eyes) matters of solid and liquid that is mixed with air that ascends the level of pollution that turns the quality of Air lethal to breathe in. This kind of Smog Tower at first was designed by a Dutch Artist Daan Roosegaarde which also was built by him in the city of Beijing in the year 2017.

Smog Tower(Photo-Hindustan Times)

Law makers Found absent in the meeting on the issue of Pollution

Many MPs including Gautam Gambhir could not reach the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs on the issue of rapid rising of pollution in Delhi. At the same time, many top officials of DDA and Municipal Corporations including Commissioners were also absent from this much valuable meeting for the public interest at large.

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Timothy November 23, 2019 at 10:28 am

Delhi has earned the unenviable distinction of becoming the most polluted city on Earth this month, as air quality has reached epically bad proportions. On November 8, pollution surged so high that some monitoring stations reported an Air Quality Index of 999, way above the upper limit of the worst category, Hazardous. (An extra-sensitive air quality instrument at the US embassy got a reading of 1,010, as you can see in the chart below.)


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