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Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court Enjoined 6 Months Jail to the Speaker of Delhi Vidhan Sabha

5 people including Delhi Assembly’s speaker Ramniwas Goel and his son jailed for 6 months

 ||Anjan Kumar Samal

All of them had entered into BJP Leader ,Manish Ghai’s house and had beaten him

Delhi Assembly Speaker Ramniwas Goel ,accompanied with 5 people including his son have been sentenced to 6 months by Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court. He has been given this punishment in the case for forcibly entering the house of a BJP leader Manish Ghai. In this case, besides him and three other people have been sentenced and all have been fined one thousand each.

According to the court verdict, Ramniwas Goel and another 4 have been found guilty for forcibly entering and assaulting the victim’s house. The case was in dated 6 February 2015 before the Vidhan Sabha Election of Delhi.

Ramniwas Goel had informed in the court that he had received information that the BJP leader had hidden blankets and liquor in his house, which would be distributed among the poor before the elections. He gave this information to the police and entered the victim’s house with the police. But, without accepting his arguments, the court declared him as an accused of that case.

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