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Deteriorating environmental fitness in the name of vehicle fitness

The ground at Sector 29 in Gurugram. This entire ground has been filled up with sand. You will get large trucks and other transport vehicles everywhere across this field. There is no parking place inside the field where even local people come to play and some other people come to practice car driving.


Along with above, there is a police station in a corner of this field nearby which some RTO employees are found relaxing as if they have no other work to do. But along with this relaxation by checking the fitness of commercial vehicles and also issue fitness certificates which hamper the fitness of the environment.

All kinds of small and big vehicles approach to this field and this row of incoming vehicles blow winds which ultimately is mixed with the atmosphere and the level of pollution in Ncr region ascends.

It’s also very important to aware the people of Delhi and NCR that when an increased level of CO2 is mixed with dust particles in the air, it turns lethal.

Nearby the ground, there is a park named as Laser Valley Park which is a famous park in the city of Gurugram. People also come here for morning walk who also face this trouble of sand particles in the air. Besides, adjacent to this ground there is a metro station and a huge residential colony along with a commercial building.

Due to the nearby IFFCO Chowk metro station and stand, thousands of people come here throughout the day.

Needless to say that this flying dust affects the health of people very badly. Under the GRAP system, it is necessary to spray water on dusty soil. But spraying water on such a huge ground does not seem practical from any point of view.

On asking the staff of RTO, they said that we spray water around where we sit, but it is impossible to spray water everywhere inside the ground.

Now the question arises that when the vehicles pass through this entire ground, then by spraying water only a small portion has no remedial solution for the flying sands and clouds of dust.

As per their sayings of sprinkling water on a small portion of ground, only where these officers sit may be a remedy only for dozens of people for a little period.

But what about other people who travel through it and what about the entire ground instead of this small portion of ground.

Is it appropriate to allow such government activities at such a public place risking the health of thousands of by-passers?

Even this govt. work of vehicle fitness is being done properly in this big ground. But due to this work, there is a huge loss to the environment and a deadly effect on thousands of by-passers.

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