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Dhanteras 2019:what is the importance?

Five days of ‘Deepotsav’ will begin with revering the God of ‘Dha’nteras’. Preparations for special worship of ‘Mahalakshmi’, ‘Sriganesh’,’ Riddhi-Siddhi’, Kubera ‘etc. shall be done from everyone’s home up to various markets. Attractive decorations are being done everywhere. The best time of ‘Dhanteras’ worship will begin from 6 Pm to 8:34 pm, today.

|| Anjan K Samal

Importance of worshiping on the holy day of  ‘Dhanteras’

‘Dhanteras’ worship is also known as ‘Dhantrayodashi’. Because this festival is celebrated on the date of ‘Trayodashi ‘s Krishna Paksha’ in the month of’ Kartik’ as per Hindu Calendar.


Lord ‘Dhanvantari’, the Almighty of ‘Ayurveda’, was born on this day. It is believed as per ‘Hindu Mythology’ that during the churning of the ocean, Lord’ Dhanvantari’ appeared in his hand carrying an urn full of nectar. Therefore, on this day, along with their worship, mother’ Lakshmi’, the God of ‘Kubera ‘and the God of death, ‘Yamraj’ are also worshiped. It is a tradition to buy utensils for every Hindu family’s kitchen on this day.

Especially Brass and Silver are bought on this holy day because these are considered as important metals of ‘Maharishi Dhanvantari’. 

These gifts the blessing for good health, good fortune for everyone’s home. Traders buy new books of account on the day of ‘Dhanteras’, which are worshiped on’ Diwali’.

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