Did Not our PM violate the code of conduct?-By Anjan K Samal

Even one of PM’s key aide without any fear of the ECI, while addressing the public, called the Indian Army as Modi’s Army.

During electoral campaign after the proclamation of the code of conduct, appealing to voters in the name religion is strictly prohibited by the Election Commission of India. In recent days PM Modi uttered the word ‘Hindu’ from his speech platform umpteen times

Despite the strict and stern warning of the Election Commission not to appeal to voters for votes in the name of Indian soldiers, our  Honourable PM has been relentlessly appealing to the voters of  India in the name of Balakot air strike, which is eventually, and in fact, unfortunate for the world’s largest democracy in the world.

Launching NAMO TV in the recent past is another violation of the code of conduct after which the ECI had issued a notice to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Election Commission of India has also issued a notice directing the removal of PM Modi’s pictures from various government advertising platforms like Air India and the Railways.

In this political battlefield of 2019 it looks like that the ground issues of this country have vanished. Issues of farmers, malnutrition, OROP, issues of the poor and the downtrodden, illiteracy, and poverty seem to be of zero importance for the present government.


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