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Digital accelerator NE8x® launches portal

The world is currently seeing an unprecedented crisis in the form of the recent Coronavirus outbreak.COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The new coronavirus, which first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. Meanwhile, the health fraternity is working round the clock to assist in detection and prevention of the COVID-19.”Through the #ChallengeCOVID19, the team is trying to drive in awareness by the 6-step challenge that’s breaking the myths,misinformation & helping engage the community on necessary precautions that needs to be taken right away. Our team at NE8x, has built an online aggregator dashboard to track the outbreak of COVID19. The impact of our initiative covers information, for real-time data analysis and social for community outreach ” says Riddhinil, Founder-NE8x Health Based in Guwahati, Assam (Northeast India) digital accelerator NE8x, launched the timely initiative in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak under the banner of #ChallengeCOVID19 with a dedicated portal and real time information aggregator for providing resources, checklist on the Coronavirus outbreak. Explaining more on the portal, Abantika from NE8x Health tech team says “First publicly shared on March 16, #ChallengeCOVID19 dashboard tracks reported cases of coronavirus using real-time data, helping researchers, media and the public to monitor the outbreak as it unfolds globally. The portal also covers real-time data on the confirmed  cases, deaths, and recovery rates for all affected countries enabled with translation in regional languages.”

Online dashboards, as known in the case of event of emergencies helps to fetch data and convey a real-time mapping of the spreading disease. Public and media can use dashboards and maps to display data as with real-time mapping it helps to speed disaster outbreak awareness and preparedness ”Data and technology, in today’s age play an integral role in assisting healthcare professionals to manage and monitor diseases. The team at NE8x Health is working round the clock building the awareness campaign on the trends surrounding COVID19 in social media with influencers across the globe to help spread the word.#ChallengeCOVID19 for us, is beyond data and real-time analytics” says. Anisha, Operations Head at NE8x.Driving the awareness campaign the team is working on the 6-steps challenge that comprises hashtags encouraging stay and work from home, washing hands, social distancing and wearing masks only on showing symptoms.

Mentoring the team on this cause, Advisor Dr.Jagdish Behera has been helping the team with his expertise on telemedicine and is closely monitoring the portal live dashboard with his team at Masterdoctor Wellness that is assisting the team as a health analytics partner for the initiative.”Misinformation has been at the core of the Coronavirus crisis, which is why taking the initiative became even more important at such a crucial juncture” says Arpan. The portal has sourced information from the world leaders in healthcare domain which includes WHO, CDC and ECDC. For the dashboard assistance, real-time data they have utilized Our World in Data illustration, JHU’s resource-base and nCov19.Other mapping and info providers Nextstrain, Healthmap is also catering to the cause. The official portal of #ChallengeCOVID19 is receiving hits every second from across the globe is not only assisting regional audiences but also helping bring the health domain corporates on a single platform to help unite for a much bigger cause, thereby clearing the information clutter and quoting the real-time happening on the Coronavirus outbreak. The team has compiled a resource-list by conducting a survey with citizen-centric reports on how their country is tackling COVID19.NE8x Health also has set up an online symptom checker tool for crosschecking symptoms and conditions for non-clinical assessment and helping citizens understand the COVID19 commonly recorded symptoms.

Speaking on crosschecking facts, designing infographics for community engagement and awareness, Bijoy-Head of design at NE8x Health believes that the #ChallengeCOVID19 has the potential to be an enabler for preparedness to COVID19 outbreak with outreach activities involving communities online to promote the 6-step challenges,reducing rumours and panic. The design team has worked on simpler creatives with data visualization based on publicly declared travel advisories globally, virus outbreak and the commonly recorded symptoms with charts, graphs and simplified representational tools. In disease outbreaks, information is power and it helps citizens to protect themselves and their community “The team at NE8x Health is now focussed on promoting effective measures declared by health organistaion like WHO and steps encouraged by the regional government as simple as handwashing” says Krishna, Head of Community at NE8x.

With initiatives like this, at the hour of COVID19 outbreak and support from government agencies, health organisations, media and communities the ongoing challenge to Coronavirus it’s truly a battle that needs to be fought together for the imminent threat world faces from it. Encouraging the citizens to avoid panic, maintaining basic hygiene and social distancing can not only save lives but also help set an example of a worldwide revolution that despite sacrificing lives, came together as one with the advent of healthcare and technology and solved the challenge.

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