Drive to update voters list of Haryana voters

The State Election Commission, Haryana has urged all eligible electors to  fill Form No. 6 to get his or her name added to the voter list and submit it with the concerned Electoral Registration Officer or Booth Level Officer as per the instructions of the Election Commission of India.
While stating this here, an official spokesman said that the objections could be filed on Form No. 7 for removal of names of ineligible and dead persons from voter lists. If there is any correction in name of a voter, he or she could get it corrected by filling Form No. 8. If any voter wants to change his or her name to other booth, he or she could give details on Form No. 8A. Apart from this, voters could also upload their forms online of website
If any voter wants to get his or her voter card through post, they may submit their duly filled Form no. 6, 8 or 8A alongwith an envelope with complete address mentioned and postage stamp affixed on it, with concerned Electoral Registration Officer or Booth Level Officer. If any voter would not attach envelope with forms, he or she could collect the voter card from the District Election Office or the Booth Level Officer would hand over the voter card to the voter at doorstep.
As per the directions of the Election Commission of India, the draft publication of voter lists in all 90 Assembly Constituencies of the state would be done from Sept 1, 2018, considering January 1, 2019 as the qualifying date. The claims and objections could be filed from September 1 to October 31, 2018 and the redressal of claims and objections received would be done by November 30, 2018.
He said that persons, who have black and white photographs on their new and old voter cards, have also been urged that they could submit their coloured photo in the office of concerned Booth Level Officer or District Election Office so that the black and white photo could be replaced with coloured photo.

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