Drugs Suppliers keep some waiters of Nightclubs as their trusted agents.

Night parties of so called white collar capitalists in the capital are the spots of addiction where drugs are available only by the help of waiters openly that is ruining our youth Generation’s entire career and future.

At first sight these waiters will not give you any information. But after spending some time with them , you can achieve which drug you want.
After the confirmation of the customer, the waiter can only contacts the drug peddler and the drug supplier gives the agent’s number after only payment, who is engineered to it’s supply.

you just have to name the drug and its quantity, for which there is a specific code name. He tells you the rate in return, there is no bargaining here. As soon as the deal is made, the next phone number of the agent comes on your phone.

Supply is the last and third step of the agent, which remains active for supplying drugs to that particular area. When you call him, he will ask for your demand and your location and where the cash payment shall be done.

Delhi is the favorite place for the drug addicts , but now There is a sudden increase in it. This is the reason why the Delhi Police has arrested 335 people related to drugs this year.

The supply of this addictive stuff particularly to youths quietly by undercover agents who sells on the behest of their Boss is the truth of our young generation in the National Capital.

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