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Earthquake hits Turkiye

Atleast 2,500 people have been killed so far as an earthquake hits Turkiye and Syria. The calamity has occurred amid the ongoing tussle between USA and China over shooting down a balloon flying in the Carolina region three large earthquakes occurred on Monday at border of Syria and Turkey (formerly Turkey).
|| Tanishq Mohan

The first earthquake struck in the early morning with a magnitude level of 7.8. The country says this is the highest earthquake that has ever occurred in the 21st century. The effects of this earthquake could be felt even in Cyprus, a country located at an estimated distance of around 500 kilometers. This was followed by another earthquake with a magnitude level of 7.7 and shockwaves still continue. It has severely damaged the infrastructure and estimated of 4500 people have been killed from both countries so far. It is to be noticed that these accident have occurred far away from the “Ring of Fire”.

The epic-centreis said to be located about 26 kilometers to the east of the Turkish city of Nurdagi and 642 kms from the capital city- Ankara. Seismologists say that it has happened due to the disturbance between the Anatolian and Arabian plates. People have no choice but to leave their homes and flee into the streets.

The infrastructure of both nations has faced severe consequences. Thousands of buildings have flattened. It is in this light that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared “3 months” emergency in 10 provinces hit by massive earthquakes. Operations to bring out people buried underneath the debris are being carried out on a massive scale. The area of destruction is said to be as large as size of Cuba or Bulgaria.

Amid the emergency sirens blazing around the country, many nations including India extended their help to Turkiye and Syria. India has sent a team of 50 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel, drilling machines, relief material, and medicines in the 1st relief package to Turkey.

India’s foreign minister – S. Jaishankar has tweeted that another plane is scheduled to depart for Turkey. Firat Sunel Turkish ambassador to India referred to India as a‘Dost’(a Hindi word that means ‘Friend’) in his tweet. As this developed, Pakistan entered to worsen communication of India with Turkiye, and Syria by closing its airspace for Indian flights which are carrying NDRF team members.

The visuals coming in from Turkiye are disturbing, many people have lost all of their family members. In Turkiye, the climate in February can go below zero degrees celcius which pose further challenges to the evacuation.

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