EASIER for Models from Pageants to ENTER BOLLYWOOD & FASHION…

Neha Tyagi (Damsai Beauty Pageant 2018 Title winner Charity Queen), feels that things have now become a little easier for a model to enter the Bollywood and Fashon industry, thanks to the Media Journalists (from Newspapers, Magazine Editorial units and PR (Publicity Managers,these days Every artist hires).

“I would say things now are a bit easy for models to enter Bollywood & Fashion because they are connected to a lot of people and networking is pretty strong. At the same time, Their PR & Media they are connected with have also proved that you need to put in a lot of hard work to become good fame.

“It requires a lot of time and passion,” Neha told Asian Chronicle team on the sidelines of shoot organised by Red Water Media and F2B Studios Crew she was doing in Delhi few days back.

Hailing from Delhi City, and working as Doctor Side by side she is following her dreams, and started career wayback as a Model & Ramp Scorcher. she was crowned Damsai Mrs India She is India Charity Queen Title in Delhi earlier this year and has become a idol for other upcoming models to reach and follow her..

With a passion to Model and Act some day, she stepped into modelling but she still has his dreams intact – to work with known faces of Bollywood soon.

“I definitely have movies in my mind which I want to do in future – she said.

She has a list of favourites too.”I want to work with Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and so many of them who are very good at their work. She also says that Mumbai is a magical city and one can fulfill his or her dreams with hard work and dedication.

“I was this ordinary girl who dreamt of becoming fame face but Pageant and personal mentoring by Ms. Rita Gangwani (Known as PAGEANT TRAINER) changed her life as well as there is one thing which helped me and that was my belief in myself and working hard. That’s the message I want to give to everybody.
Just believe in yourself and have that confidence to achieve,” she said. She is currently promoting ICONIC WOMEN WITH SPIRIT and was awarded by Heart & Soul Foundation Delhi too for her achievements in fashion industry.
She is being Managed & Promoted by Nikhil Bhatnagar, amongst famous names from industry, he stated – she will soon be ravishing face whom everyone shall follow soon in bollywood.


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