Eating half cooked Vegetable in an unhygienic way may turn your Brain Dead

It was very difficult for the parents to understand why their daughter complains of headaches almost every day. Why does she sometime looks lifeless and she goes into Unconscious state of her mind. This was going on for almost 6 months, but when it came to know, they did not believe it. “The child had more than 100 tapeworms, which were visible in the brain, as small clots.” Under the supervision of Dr Pravin Gupta, Director of Neurology Department, at the Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, where the child is undergoing treatment.

Dr. Gupta explains, “Before coming to us the child was getting treatment, it was suffering from severe headache, pain and sometimes even Unconscious , even the child was getting treatment for swelling and seizures in the brain.”

To reduce the swelling of the child’s brain, the steroid was given to the baby. The effect was that the weight of the eight-year-old girl increased from 40 kg to 60 kg. Increased weight absolutely created further problems. Difficulty in walking and breathing started. The child was completely dependent on steroids.

When the girl came to Dr. Gupta, she was city-scanned. After which she was diagnosed with neurosysticerosis. Doctor Gupta explains, “The time the child was brought to the hospital, she was not conscious, the white spots were seen in the brain in the city scan, these stains were nothing but violet eggs, they were not one or two but more than a hundred In the number. ”

When the child approached Dr. Gupta, the pressure on her  brain was very high. Egg pressure was so much on the brain that her brain stopped working.

But how did these eggs reach the brain?

Dr. Gupta explains, “At first, we reduced the pressure of his brain (some external thing came to mind in the brain, it spoils the inner balance of the brain) by medicines, after which she  was given the medicine to kill the cyst. Any deadly incident may also happen because the pressure of the brain can increase during this time. “At present, the first dose of elimination of eggs has been given to the baby, but all the eggs are not finished yet. Dr. Gupta points out that these eggs continue to grow in the brain. These eggs cause swelling and seizures. Dr. Gupta explains that if anything that remains uncooked, by eating it and if your food is not hygienic and not proper cleaned before cooking, the tapeworm reach in the stomach. After this, they go into different parts of the body with the flow of blood. “Tapeworm is one of the major causes of one of the major problems of epileptic seizure in India. Tapeworm infection is very common in India. Million people are suffering from neurosysticerosis, which is a major cause of epilepsy. “

 What is tapeworm?

Tapeworm is a kind of parasite. It is an organism to be dependent on others for its nutrition. That is why it is found inside the body so that it can get food. There is no spinal cord in it. More than 5000 species of this are found.They can be from one mm to 15 meters long. Sometimes it has only one shelter, so many times more than one. Its body is divided into sections. Its body has hook-like structures, so it sticks to the part of its patron. With the help of a cuticle on the body, it takes its food. They only take digestive food because they do not have digestive tract.

How does this spread?
Tapeworm  are flat structured like ribbons. If the egg of the yellow pigment enters the body then it makes its house in the intestine. Although not necessarily, this entire life span remains in the intestine, with blood, it also reaches other parts of the body. When they reach the liver, they make the syst, which makes the preference. Many times they come in the eyes and also come into the brain.

Compared to Asia, its risk is low in European countries. According to the NHS, if there is tapeworm in the body then it is not necessary that some of its symptoms can be seen, but many times it reaches some highly sensitive organs of the body, which can lead to danger.

However, its treatment is also easy. According to Dr Naresh Bansal, a gastologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, even though tapeworm is not a fatal, but ignoring them can be dangerous. Bansal believes that tapeworm is found all over the world and related health problems, but the issues related to its infections in India are more exposed.

By eating nefarious or raw pork or beef, by eating acne or raw fish. Actually, these organisms contain tapeworm larvae. In such cases, if they are not properly cooked, then tapeworm reaches the body.

Drinking  contaminated coconut water , even if the spinach is not cooked properly, tapeworm can reach to any part of your  body, so it is advisable to wash and clean the vegetables  those are grown in dirty water or in contact with soil.

Symptoms of tapeworm infection
Usually it does not show any  specific symptoms, but if the tapeworm is in the body then it acts as if a slow poison. Apart from this, stomach aches, diarrhea, weakness and vomiting, irregular hunger and weakness are its main symptoms.
If the number of  tapeworm or number of eggs in the body is very high, then there may be complaints like dizziness, skin irritation, cough, breathlessness, and trouble seeing.

– Fully wash the vegetables well before eating or cooking  it. 
– Wash hands before eating food. Clean the hands and nails well after defecation. 
-Always drink clean water. 
-Avoid direct contact with animals or special care during that time. 
-A medical research suggests that tapeworm is not a life threatening and should not take it lightly. It can also go into any part of the body, which can cause that part of the body to be paralyzed.



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