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EC’s Special Squad Checked in CM Naveen Patnaik’s Helicopter

In a eye brow raising electoral incident, Election Commission’s special squad meant for maintaining codes of conduct proclaimed by the Election Commission of India checked in Odisha CM’s Helicopter at Rourkela in Odisha.

This is a welcome step initiated by the Election Commission of India for the sake of free and fair election.This special squad on Wednesday ,17th April checked in Naveen Patnaik’s Yellow chopper thoroughly at Rourkela.

The squad checked in Naveen Patnaik’s belongings that had kept inside the chopper including his suitcases.Mr. Chief Minister found extending support to the special squad remaining in his chopper’s seat till the end of this search operation.

Just a day before this incidence an another search operation was also done by this special squad of Election Commission in Odisha. But the difference between these two search operation also seem interesting.

When Naveen Patnayak found cooperated the special squard sitting silently when the search operation was going on ,On the other hand this same search when was conducting by the special squad in Union Minister, Dhramnedra Pradhan’s helicaptor,Mr Pradhan objected strongly with anger. Even Mr Pradhan picked up furious quarrel with on duty cops those who work on the behest of Election Commission of India.

Even BJD carried on this issue to the door of Election Commission alleging Mr Pradhan not cooperating the flying sward and also misbehaving the Special squad and police personnel present there on the spot.

 “This matter was reported to CEO, but no concrete action seems to have been taken against Pradhan so far,” the BJD alleged.

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