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Elucidation of Our Mighty Constitution

The auspicious day of 26 November was observed as ‘Constitution Day of India in the recent past. Earlier this day was being celebrated by us as the law Day. The present Modi government just did Vicissitude the name of this day to ‘Constitution Day’ instead of ‘Law Day’. Both the ‘Constitution’ and the ‘Constitution Day’ are supreme for all the citizens of India.
|| Karamvir Kamal

Both the ‘Constitution’ and the ‘Constitution Day’ complement each other. Both lack without each other.In which course the country will go on, what principles will a country adopt, are truthfully pronounced by a country’s constitution?

The constitution of our country is probably based on, one of the biggest and best among  all the countries across the world.What will be the direction and policies of the country after independence? The question of what kind of country like India should be shaped may have been in the minds of the then leaders of our country.


The founding father of Modern India and the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s thought and country’s very first law minister, Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s vision did work and also reflected in the content of the Constitution of India.

If we talk about independent India, the first name which is taken among all these freedom fighters of India, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. He was Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar who laid the foundation of the policies of independent India and the way on which the country will govern the republic of India further.

‘Azad Hindustan’(Independent India) is familiar as a secular country as per the principles and ethos of our constitution. India is the largest democratic country of the world where all kinds of religions, customs and traditions are recognized for which India is popularly also termed as the ‘Incredible India’.


Being a secular country, India has a different identity in the world. It is the constitution of the country that inspires and encourages all kinds of religions, castes to live together in the form of ‘Unity in Diversity.’

But even after Seven Decades of independence, the people of India realize the absolute need for awareness of the rights and duties enshrined in our constitution for the shake of people from all the sections of our society. There is no doubt, even today, the common men in independent India are ignorant of the rights and duties mentioned in the constitution.

Let, the general public, even our elected representatives look not at all serious concerning the need of this holy book meant for democratic governance.

The greed of power chair and for the personal and political vested interest, these representatives don’t care to uphold the dignity of the Constitution.

Even after 70 years of independence, most of the common men of the country are fighting for their fundamental rights. They are not able to access basic facilities they need for their livelihood.

On one hand, the constitution enshrines categorically about the ‘Right to Equality’, on the other hand, the news of discrimination of Dalit class and upper class along with the secular contradiction in between Hindu Muslims have been relentlessly appearing as the Headlines of both in the Print & Electronic Media.

Photo-The Economic Times

The sensitivity of the constitution among our present leaders is recessing becoming in the fascination of power. It is now the habit of these leaders to run the constitution according to their own to get into the power corridor of the country.

The government has miserably failed to provide even the basic facilities mentioned in our constitution to provide our people in this country.

Consequently, people of this country are forgetting that Rights and Duties are both sides of the same coin. It makes them far away from their constitutional fundamental duties.

We have many expectations from the government for our rights given in the constitution, but we do not even fulfill our duty for our Mother Land advised to perform in the constitution in return for those fundamental rights meant for us.

The Constitution does not need to celebrate any day for its shake. If necessary, all sections of the country, whether it is a political party, social organizations or the general public, all should have their respective faith in the Constitution from the heart and soul.

The original Preamble, the content of the Constitution should be written in our hearts and minds by which love to Humankind will be spontaneous.The great constitution of our country teaches us to love all living beings by eliminating discrimination.

Photo-The Business Line

Our constitution also does aware we love each other without any discrimination, eradicating the barrier of caste, creed, religion, and region which further denotes us the religious freedom, we need.

There is no doubt that the Constitution of India surpasses all the constitutions of the world for which all the worldwide experts of the constitution term it as the biggest and greatest one across the globe.

The framers of the constitution have taken special care for all classes of religion including all sections of people in Indian society without ant discrimination.

Therefore, last but not least is that we the people of India should have our deep-rooted convictions in our constitution wiping out all the hurdles of caste, creed, religion, region, language including the zero discrimination in between poor and rich to follow the law of this land.

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