Empower Women to Empower Nation

Let’s empower women, to make them capable for themselves. Once women was like a dust of men’s foot but now it’s time to make them crown of head. They are here not to exist but to survive. Women know how to grow in desert which men is trying to create for them. Once women were followers, but now the time is changing we are the leaders. Women never want to rule men, because they know that if we will do the same with them. What would we the difference between their thinking and ours? It is said that women are using feminism as crutches to walk, but the truth is that in feminism also they are demanding for equality. Feminism is just like nourishment in the growth of both women and men. It provides them an equal platform. Women Empowerment always talks about providing better, education, employment, opportunities, better health, professional equivalence etc.
In India we consider India as mother land not as father so how can we blame old Indian traditions and customs that they subjugate women from the beginning. It was not the custom who suppressed women but the makers of those customs who considered women as a part of weaker section of society. These days in India Indian government and public both are working on the betterment of women’s condition. Every second day Government is launching new schemes and laws to empower women, like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojna launched on January 22, 2015 it aims to improve the condition and for educating girl child. Another scheme is Mahila-E-Haat in 2016. It is a bilingual online marketing platform that helps in the development of women NGOs and social groups of women. Mahila Shakti Kendra and Working Women Hostels are to ensure the safety of women.
Every year International Women’s day is celebrated on 8th march. It is known as a medium to empower women on world level. This show that we still need to do a lot for women’s on a global level. The word which we use for women is “other sex” will soon disappear and we will soon get equal rights to women. Let’s Empower Women to Empower Nation.


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