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Enough is Enough: Time to Take a stand

Some incidents left us speechless,  numb and our heart filled with disgust for this society we live in. We have heard that humans were animal before evolution but I think only their physical appearances are changed,  their animal instincts are still the same.
|| Sneha Prakash

We Indians take pride in saying that we belong to a rich culture,  where we worship Goddess. We celebrate Durgapuja,  kalipuja,  laxmipuja and many more festival where we worship goddess with hustle and bustle but does it stop Indians to turn into monsters? I guess no.

Every few days we hear about rape and sexual assault on women here and there,  we demand justice for the victims but do they ever get it. Do they even deserve such punishment just because they have been born as girl child? I really feel disgusted while hearing such news and see people discussing over caste of the victim and rapist.  They debate over kind of protest against last victim and new one. They compare gravity of crime and kind of justify it with their point of view accordingly the caste of accused. Like Really? We have degraded to this level now?

Is there no humanity left in anyone?

Can’t they feel the pain of the parents of the innocent child, can’t they hear the wails of innocent women.
How much she had cried, how much she had tried to escape. How many times she had pleaded that monster to let her go.

All matters for people is their tweets and fb posts where they hurl abuses to each other.  Where on every tweet by such so called celebs you spent hours tried to prove that he or she has protested differently last time?

Why you need such celebs to put forward the protest for such incidents.

You can come forward and stand with such families. You can assure the parents that you are with them in their hour of grief.  Please think of them, stay United in their hour of need. Because we never know which turn is next time.  So,  don’t feel good that they spare your child this time.

Women are safe no where in this so called civilised society,  nor on streets,  neither in their home. It feels like we are sitting on a tickling time bomb that who will be next victim of these mentally sick people.

Government and police is doing their bit, but don’t you think as a society we are failing somewhere. Government can’t teach you morality, they can’t guard each child personally. But people of the society can, why can’t the neighbours who are involved almost in fifty percent of such cases can treat their neighbours child like their own.  We need to instil morality in our child and family members.  They have to learn to respect other women and not only women from their own family.  They need to learn to protect other’s children too and not only their own blood. These Criminals who have done such kind of heinous crime,  must taught a lesson so the next person who even think to do something like that fear their fate.

But most of all we need to unite as a society and have to think beyond,  caste,  creed and our thinking that if it’s not our child we don’t need to stand for it.

It’s high time that we sit back and think hard and long what is the root cause of this situation. Because no law, no police and no government can assure 24*7 security. We have to take charge of situation. It’s time to teach morality and humanity to our Male members of society. Because this is the only way there is a way out of this drastic situation.

Because our law and it’s process is so lengthy and costly.  It took ages to get justice.
We have to make sure that at the one hand our daughters are equipped with self defence equipment and training. On other hand we have to make sure that every time we see a girl alone in a deserted places we escort them to their home or at least safe place. We have to make a society where a girl should not spend her each moment in fear.  Where she couldn’t trust even her closest relatives and friend. No one can understand the dilemma and constant fear,  in which a girl have to spend her each moment.

We need to sensitize our police, who treat rape victim in vulgar manner most of the times. They humiliate her and make her question their decision to seek justice. We need to work on fast track justice for victims. We have to instill fear of law in such criminals.

We have to make a society where a girl can roam freely and without people staring at her. We need a society where a girl will not be judged by length of her clothes.

We need a society where we do not have to save our girls from prying eyes of neighbours and family members.

We need a society where a girl child is child only and not easy target of these predators.

We need a society where not only men but women also can roam freely at any time. Where she doesn’t have to rush home before evening. We need a society where women don’t have to feel after returning home that, ” Thank god I am safe for today”.

It’s time to change our thinking and most importantly it’s time to think where we are going wrong!!

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