Father of Indian Resurrection :246th Birth Anniversary


When Indian Society was really hijacked completely by uncounted social evils  ,he came into force as if a messenger of the God to restore the much needed social changes.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy  was the 1st one and even only one at that period  who strongly condemned injustice to women in Medieval India and stood firm alone to fight for women rights in the then Indian Society. Mr. Roy was in support of widow Marriage during his period of colonial India . He had urged the people of India about the reality of Zero fault of  an Indian widow if her husband dies in early age. He tried his best to uproot social evils like Sati system, Polygamy, child Marriage , caste discrimination , infanticide including illiteracy.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s public declaration and challenge  to emigrate from British  India  even stunned the British Empire at that time. He urged with anger and agony that if British Parliament failed to pass the Reform Bill , I shall definitely emigrate from this British India to some where else in this world where there is no such social evils which jeopardizes our simple and holy life style.


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