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Filmmaker Kamlesh K Mishra’s debut film “Azamgarh” selected in Major Film Festivals

Filmmaker Kamlesh K Mishra’s feature film “Azamgarh” has been selected in three major film festivals in the US. He has also won the National Film Award for his documentary film Madhubani: The Station of Colors.

Film “Azamgarh” has reached the “Finalist” level in the Seattle film festival and has also marked its position under the category of “Semi Finalist” in the DC South Asian Film Festival, while the film is officially selected in South Asian Film Festival Los Angeles Hollywood. Significantly, Azamgarh is the debut feature film of Kamlesh’s Mishra.

An important role of this film based on some real incidents related to terrorism is played by the famous actor Pankaj Tripathi. Debutant actor Anuj Sharma plays a character in the film who, despite of his good education, compelled to become involved in terrorist activities.

The story of the film shown is from the year 2001 to 2008 when India, America and Europe were shaken by big terror attacks. Azamgarh not only underlines those happenings but also suggests the way to overcome terrorism.

Kamlesh Mishra’s first short film “Kitab” has won awards in all major international film festivals. Kamlesh Mishra is currently completing the script for his next film, which is based on the “lockdown” during Corona period.

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