Filmmaker Vikash Raj Saxena and Yogita Warde released love song “Main Sirf Chahun Tujhe”


The new love song “ Main Sirf Chahun Tujhe” is making rounds in the music world. A collaboration between Author and Lyricist Yogita Warde and Filmaker Vikash Raj Saxena created a new wave in the genre of love song. “ Main Sirf Chahun Tujhe” is a song about love and longing and was released on Valentine’s Day. It has instantly struck a chord with the audience. The lyrics written by Yogita Warde ,composed by Vikash Raj Saxena and was sung by Raga The Rnb. The music was given by D18 Studio and the song was produced by Kaali Entertainment and D18 Studio.

Yogita Warde, a well-known Author, Lyricist and tremendous human being is gaining much fame due to her writing skills. A woman who encourages people to do better in their lives. She believes in the power of words. Destiny has already decided to award her with a successful writing career. Since her childhood, she got deeply fascinated by writers and authors.

Vikash Raj Saxena is an Indian Filmmaker and Entrepreneur. He hails from Uttarakhand. He is the Founder of Kaali Entertainment Film Production Company. As a filmmaker he makes films on social and inspiring topics of the society. He is the director of the music video of the song “Main Sirf Chahun Tujhe”. The music video is shot in the scenic locales of Uttarakhand. The evocative video adds to the charm of the love song that depicts the heart of a lover and expresses his undying love.

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