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First Woman to set highest World Record in Martial Arts in India

Every woman should learn Martial Arts for Self Defence: Kiran Deoli Uniyal

Today in the era of women empowerment, the biggest challenge is the safety of women, and the best way to deal with this challenge is to learn the skill of self-defence, says Kiran Deoli Uniyal, the first woman to make the most world records in martial arts in India.

Kiran Deoli Uniyal, a resident of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, has been motivating women for self-defence through Martial Arts for almost a decade. Kiran says that due to the increasing crimes against women, it is necessary for them to be equipped with self-defence skills. That is why keeping the women of the country fit and preparing them for self-defence is her primary objective. She tells that Martial Arts can be learned at any age with regular and disciplined training.

Kiran Deoli Uniyal, who holds  35 world records in Martial Arts,  Fitness & Social Service so far, says that- “I want every woman to learn self-defence and empower herself so that they can face any unsafe situation”. 49-year-old Kiran Deoli Uniyal still practices Martial Arts for three to four hours a day. She worked on stamina, speed and skill to set the records. She says that while she has been learning so much at this age, today’s girls should also pay attention to it. She says that even when everything was closed during the corona period, she did not leave her practice. That time her husband and son assisted her in practising Martial Arts. She has always been supported by her husband, Colonel Sunil Kumar Uniyal, a former Army officer who is also a Marathon Runner.

Kiran Deoli Uniyal holds 13 Guinness World Records in Martial Arts in speed elbow/punch strike and kick strike. According to the official website of the Guinness Book of World Records, on 23 April 2022, Kiran Deoli Uniyal has made a record of 579 full contact elbow strikes in three minutes (single elbow) in the female category. She has broken this record of a Pakistani woman. Earlier on 9 April 2022, she did 590 most full contact punch strikes in one minute  holding 1 kg weight in the female category. She is the first woman to make this record. Till date, Kiran Deoli Uniyal holds 35 World Records, out of which 26 are in Martial Arts alone.

Kiran says that she has been interested in sports from the very beginning and watching Bruce Lee’s inspired her, so joined Taekwondo in Chandigarh during college days and after marriage, due to the deployment of husband in different places in the army, she got an opportunity to learn many types of sports. To support her son, she started practicing again after 22 years and earned a black belt 3rd Dan in Taekwondo.

Kiran is also trained in Israeli martial art ‘Krav Maga’, a Close Quarter Combat technique/ art. In addition to Taekwondo & Krav Maga, Kiran has also learned many martial arts and also took a martial arts instructor’s course. According to Kiran, her 100% differently abled daughter is her biggest inspiration, who has taught her to face challenges in life with a smile and patience. She is also their source of inspiration for social service. Due to her achievements and merits, Kiran is a role model for the new generation today. Kiran is also active in social service. This is the reason that apart from martial arts, she has many world records in the field of blood donation, cancer awareness and cleanliness campaign, etc.

She personally believes that moral values, mutual respect, safety precautions and self-defence can play an important role in reducing crimes against women.

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