Flood violence in Assam and Bihar

As per Disaster Management Authority Flood Report issued on 25th July 2020 by Government of Assam, River Brahmaputra is flowing above the Danger Level at Nimatighat (Jorhat), Tezpur (Sonitpur), Guwahati (Kamrup), Goalpara(Goalpara), Dhubri(Dhubri), Dhansiri (S) at Numaligarh (Golaghat) and many more. 27 Districts impacted and more than 71 revenue circles affected by the current situation. As per the Sources, more than 2370 villages are impacted and the number is still rolling up. People have lost their houses, more than 748 houses are fully damaged and 724 are partially.

Where on one end people of Assam are affected by the floods on the other end Covid – 19 is still lingering over everyone’s life. These situations are getting worse day by day. The State and Central Government went hand in hand to support all the people impacted by the flood. 294 Relief camps and 270 relief distribution centres have been created in the districts. No.of inmates in the relief camps are charging higher every hour and crossed 47,772 till now with 1 human life lost.

Not only men, women or children but also Animals and crops are impacted. Over 900,000 Big animals, 4,67,300 Small animals, 952,000 Poultry animals have been affected with few washed away in the floods. As per the latest report issued by the Assam government more than 116938 (in hect) crop has been impacted. Major areas are Goalpara, Morigaon and Nagaon. The aftermath of the crops being impacted, prices of crops kept aside for the markets will be higher than usual due to scarcity which will impact the locals residing in different cities who all are already facing financial issues due to Covid -19 pandemic.
As per the Sources, over 27 Lakhs population is already affected. On July 20, 2020 Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonawala said that both the Central and State Government is providing all kinds of assistance to the people who have been affected due to floods. On one hand the people are troubled due to Covid – 19 pandemic, and on the other hand, there are challenges arising out of Assam floods. Still the people of our state continue to fight the battle, he added.

National Disaster Response Force(NDRF) is rescuing people from flood affected areas in Assam. The overflowing rivers have severely affected the lives of the locals, leaving many people isolated. In a successful rescue operation, however an NDRF Team transported the locals from flood – affected villages to safety. More than 106 boats are deployed in the rescue operations. Governments are taking all the necessary actions to evacuate people who are stuck in the floods to safety. More than 210 people were evacuated from south salmara. The number is adding up to 265 people including other districts.  The Government has also deployed SDRF teams for rescue operations in Assam. The SDRF team, district administrator and local people have rescued more than 1350 people during the last 24 hours by deploying 99 boats across the state.

Situation has worsened due to breach in several embankments. Bihar is also severely impacted. Due to breach, flood waters have reached to multiple villages of Bihar and created a havoc situation. People are forced to flee their homes and now are struggling to survive after  reaching the higher places. The Official of Water resources department (WRD) admitted that breach of embankments is connected with poor flood control measures including anti- erosion works repair and maintenance of embankments. Due to month long lockdown to contain Covid-19 delayed the flood controls measures and works were completed in a hurry in june end that compromised with it’s Quality.

With these Havoc situations UN offers help to India in dealing with Floods, if required. Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesperson for Secretary General Antonio Guterres, said: “Nearly four million people have been displaced in the state of Assam in India and neighbouring Nepal due to heavy flooding from monsoon rains, with the death toll at 189. The United Nations stands ready to support the Government of India, if required.”

By Ayushi Jain


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