FOMC camp for young entrepreneurs in Jaipur on 4th July

FOMC aims to encourage young entrepreneurs and promote self-employment: Mukesh Dholpuria

Jaipur: Federation of Mentors Club (FOMC), which inspires the youth of the country to grow in the field of enterprise, will also participate in this event, public representatives and many businessmen of the city. This event to be held in Jaipur will be held on July 4 at 5 pm at Shiv Vilas Resorts in Pink City.

Federation of Mentors Clubs (FOMC) President Mukesh Dholpuria said that the purpose of this event is to encourage young entrepreneurs and promote self-employment in the country. For this, the club works to increase awareness among the youth. It is seen that the field of business starts attracting many youths during their studies, but there is no one to guide them. Many such young people think about startups, but they do not know how to implement that thinking in reality. Many youths even come in the field of business, they are not aware of the nuances and challenges of that field, due to which they face difficulty in increasing their business. To empower such youth and establish them in the field of entrepreneurship, FOMC organizes camps in many cities of the country. In the camp organized in Jaipur, financial help will also be given by the club to such girls who have lost their loved ones due to Covid 19. Its purpose is to boost their morale so that they can forget the bad times and face the challenges and move forward in their life.

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