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Footprint of Delhi election on national Politics

Nowadays the political perspective in the national capital is at its peak due to Delhi Assembly Election -2020.
|| Anjan K Samal

Verdict of this People’s mandate in Delhi will have a wide impact nationwide, That is to say, this is a 70-member assembly election and of a state that does not even have full state status, but the atmosphere created in the backdrop of the election campaign in the last two months can change the face of politics of the entire nation.

.Although when the Delhi election campaign had not started, it was expected that the election would be more focused on local issues, but gradually it focused on national issues.

Which is termed a stroke of bad luck for democracy and public welfare at large.

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The extent of disgrace in this election has also written a new chapter in Delhi’s politics. Through this election, where Arvind Kejriwal is seen fighting for his survival, At the same time, BJP took a big risk for itself by calling this election a mandate in favor of citizenship amendment law and nationalism.

At the same time, Congress is struggling to save its remaining base here and on the other hand, the national interests of some regional parties are to be tested.

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party won a historic victory in the 2015 assembly elections by winning 67 out of 70 assembly seats in the state. The remaining three seats were won by the BJP and the Congress could not even open the account.

What will be the effect of results

The effect of the Delhi Assembly Election’s result will be pitched from the road to the Parliament. If Kejriwal wins then the opposition can get a new direction.

The most important lesson in this will be how to counter BJP’s aggressive nationalism or’ Hindutva’ Narrative. In recent years, the Congress has been battered in front of this political war against the BJP, but first, in Jharkhand, a model in the form of Hemant Soren and then Kejriwal will emerge that the opposition can counter the BJP.

photo credit-NDTV

.Conversely, if BJP wins, it will be very important for the party. The BJP fought on the issue of Hindutva far more sharply on both the ‘on the record’ and ‘off the record’ levels. Through Shaheen Bagh, BJP showed more strength towards his concept of ‘nationalism’.

BJP openly sought votes from people of Delhi in the name of Article 370, Ram Mandir and Citizenship Act.

BJP needs to win the Delhi elections because if the favorable results are not in his favor, the Opposition will get a chance to blame that the public has rejected issues raised by BJP.

The pressure will also increase on BJP’s newly appointed president JP Nadda. This is his first election as a full-time president. Its impact can also be seen in Bihar where Nitish Kumar can increase the conditions in seat sharing. If won, BJP will not only aggressively pursue the citizenship law, but it will try to take full advantage of it from the state of Bihar up to West Bengal.

Bet on BJP’s so-called; Chanakya’ Amit Shah

Amit Shah has a separate political test along with BJP in this Delhi Assembly Elections

Till now he was seen as the president of the party, But the Delhi election was the first such election when he was the face of the party despite not being the president. He poured his full strength in this election. He led many rallies as well as roadshows and door to door campaigns.

Photo CTimes

Seeing his hard work, it was said that it seems like Amit Shah is contesting this election, not the BJP. No one remembers inside the party, which national leader had given so much strength on a personal level in Delhi before this Assembly Election. Party people say that they also opted for the door to door campaign aggressively.

 All of these circumstances reflect that Amit Shah wants to win Delhi at any cost.

The previous 8 months were not good for the BJP despite a big victory in the general election as the party lost in Maharastra, Jharkhand and even just could able to form the government in Haryana only with the blessings of JJP.

Photo Credit-APN Live

It is known that the BJP easily wins elections in the name of Narendra Modi at the Center, but it is not easy for BJP to win elections in the states


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