General Elections-2019 for Tripura to be held in Two Phases

Tripura will go to polls for General elections-2019 in two Phases. Polling will be held in Tripura West Lok Sabha constituency in the first phase on 11th April. While Tripura East goes to polls in second phase on 18th April.

Phase Date of Polling Parliamentary Constituency
1 11 April 2019 Tripura West
2 18 April 2019 Tripura East

The total number of voters in the state is 2605325. An interesting featureof Tripura Lok Sabha elections is that the number of Male voters is 1319693 while the number of female voters is 1285618 and third Gender is 14. The first time voters in the age group of 18-19 years are 39077 in number. The State has 100% Elector Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) coverage.  The total number of polling stations set up are 3324.


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