Global leader of steel technology turns as if saviour against corona:sms group

SMS India, the Indian subsidiary of SMS group, Germany, which is a leader in steel technology, has taken significant steps in the fight against Covid – 19 pandemic. When the Government of India and the State Governments are doing their efforts to deal with Covid-19, SMS India has also done protection and relief work, as its corporate social responsibility. The company has made available protection and relief material under this initiative to the needy people at all the places where the company has offices and manufacturing units in India with the help of its CSR Partners.

The company has provided protection material like sanitizer kits, masks etc. to the needy in Gurugram with the help of NGO called Antarmanh Foundation. The company has also dispatched a consignment aid for sanitizer, mask and surgical mask to Haryana CSR Board through Antarmanh Foundation. Along with the protection and relief material, the company launched a campaign to sensitize people in the slums of Gurugram through Antarmanh Foundation and also informed people about the importance of the following lock down and social distancing.

In this time of crisis, when the whole world is struggling with Covid-19 pandemic, SMS India has also started a 24×7 helpline through Antarmanh Foundation in order to help people for their psychological well-being.

In Khurda, Odisha where the company has a manufacturing unit, the company has made available ration kits, sanitizer kits etc. to the daily wagers and people in slum areas through its CSR consultant Finnovation. These ration kits contain the essentials i.e. wheat flour, pulses, rice, cooking oil, milk powder, basic spices, sugar, tea etc. and the sanitizer kits have sanitizer, hand washes and mask in it. The company has also provided PPE kits, masks, gloves, sanitizers through Antarmanh Foundation to the Medical and Public Health Department of Khurda district.

Ration kits and sanitizer kits have been made available to the needy people through Finnovation in Pune and Kolkata also. Health and safety of the doctors, health workers, associated staff members and people at large, is the utmost priority for the entire nation and SMS India extends its support for the cause.

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