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Goa youth arrested by police after he asked State Health Minister Vishwajit Rane where the job is!

During the Lok Sabha elections, be careful while asking any question to your area leader. A young man in Goa was arrested for questioning the leader about the unemployment. The youth asked the regional legislator and state government health minister, Vishwajit Rane why he could not get a job. Even after being a minister’s supporter, why is he unemployed.

The police took him into custody on such a matter violating the principle of liberty and expression. He was later released on bail

Know what happened with the young man in detail!

This is the time of general election. The election campaign is also going on in Goa. Here, Shripad Naik is the BJP candidate from GoaNorth Lok Sabha constituency. On the evening of 18th April, there was a meeting in the Waalpoi constituency in his support.

To address this meeting, State Health Minister, Vishwajit Rane, also reached. During the meeting all the people were saying their own words. Meanwhile, a young unemployed educated youth named Darshan Gaonkar suddenly asked a question. Darshan asked Rane that he has been supporting BJP for 10 years. Still, why did not he get a job? After this, the atmosphere turned hot and humid.

Darshan was arrested by the Goa police under section 151. He was later granted bail. On the next day of bail on April 1, Darshan told that he had only asked Rane for his job. He has been supporting the minister for the last 10 years and worked for him. Darshan claimed that Rane had promised to get a job for him. He urged that he was asking them mere about this, but he was arrested as soon as the meeting was over.

What did the minister say about this?

When the local journalists asked Rane about this unfortunate incident, he did not comment. According to his close relatives, Darshan had questioned Rane in anger. According to a close source of the minister, ‘there is a way to raise the question. Darshan (village) was behaving poorly. The opposition prompted them to embarrass everyone and spread chaos. Perhaps someone had filed a complaint against them.’

Opposition Congress has condemned this incident. Party spokesman Trezano Demello said that “BJP is misusing its power in this way. And it has reached its frustration. This can happen only when the Chief Minister misuses the police, which is also the Home Minister and therefore Congress strictly condemns this action. ‘

(By Anjan K Samal)

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