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Ground works Set in Motion for ‘Chhath Mahaparva’

 ‘Chhath’ is a primordial Hindu Vedic celebration of incredible India and also historically native to the Indian subcontinent.

||Anjan K Samal

Significantly and specifically, the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and the Madhya Pradesh region along with the neighboring nation Nepal Celebrate this festival with immense joy and happiness.


Significance of the festival

Especially to thank the Sun God for conferring the inducement of life on the Earth and fulfilling some particular desire and wishes.

The festival of ‘Chhath Puja’ is also termed the ‘ Mahaparva’. This festival is celebrated on the ‘Shashthi’(6th Day) of Kartik month(Hindu Calender’s Month).

As this festival is observed on the sixth day as per the Hindu Calender’s Month, It is called ‘Chhath Mahaparv’. It is believed that during the four days of ‘Chhath Puja’, every wish of the people is fulfilled by worshiping the Sun and ‘Chhathi Mata’(Mata is a Hindi Word which means Mother). Preparations for ‘Chhath Puja’ have been intensified in all parts of the country including Bihar.


A handy container that is made up of Bambo sticks is prepared to carry offerings(worship Materials) of devotees leaving homes up to nearby rivers is the key part of this festival.

 A specially designed ‘Clay stoves’ are now available in markets in which devotees are bought.Because all the worship offerings to the God(Sun) and Goddess(Mother Chhati) are cooked in these special ‘clay stoves’.


In this earthen stove, only mango wood is burnt to cook offerings. Now, Piers(Ghat in Hindi) are being cleaned for ‘Chhath Puja’ as Piers are constructed near rivers and water bodies for this great Hindu Religion’s Festival.

On October 31, this incredible Hindu Festival will begin which shall continue till 4 days.

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