HanuMan Movie Cast Lights Up Delhi in Grand Promotional Event Ahead of Release: Trailer Unveils India’s First Homegrown Superhero Epic

Recently, Team of Hanuman movie came to Delhi for promotions. Actor Teja Sajja, producer Niranjan Reddy and Director Prashanth Verma were present at the event. The event was held at The Metropolitan Hotel, Delhi. HanuMan’ is presented by RKD Studios, while PrimeShow Entertainment is the producer of the film. Catch film in the theatres on January 12, 2024.

Director Prasanth Varma’s “HanuMan” trailer shines as the country’s first-ever home grown superhero film. Breaking free from the usual, the much-awaited trailer tells an epic story of heroism and power, proving that creativity and passion can overcome any challenge.

Speaking about the film’s unique journey, Prasanth Varma shares, “HanuMan” isn’t your usual movie; it’s a passion project that came to life with amazing support from my team. Starting with a simple idea, the story of Hanuman unfolded, taking our cinematic dreams to new heights. HanuMan isn’t just a character; it is the beginning of an epic cinematic universe that brings something uniquely Indian and magical to the audience.”

Teja Sajja, the film’s lead, expresses his joy about the project, saying, “Being a part of ‘Hanuman’ is truly special. In the mystical world of Anjanadri, a young and frail lad, once irresponsible, is bestowed with supernatural abilities through the blessings of Lord Hanuman.”

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