Hard work towards the mission

Hard work! A common word used to listen often in our life in the name of advice. During our childhood days, our parent’s guidance to focus on hard work, in teenage days friends, mentors and relatives advice to do hard work to accomplish the mission, rather it can be determined by a sentence, “work hard to make your lifetime settlement or wealth”, especially this sentence is often spoken by our parents and relatives.
|| Lakshmi Prabha Swaminathan

Some may guess that why they have to work hard as nature provides us with food and our parents bestows us lifelong security in the term called money or luxurious life. Should this truly be possible? Maybe not. Yes, it’s true that nature is providing food and our parents prevail security to us, although we can’t be a hundred per cent sure about it. Recognize that our life may be equals to, sometimes the favourable essence and many times the demon, also depending on others forever may not be decent for us. We should live our lives with our own identity which is constructed by us and not with the help of other’s identity. It is necessary to retain our destination, in spite of the fact to attain our destiny, we should work hard.

Let us imagine whether the seed which obtains tree failed to work hard, should the seed be able to contribute a tree? Should the tree be able to procure fruits and flowers or else at least it can be able to bestow the shadow? Maybe not, because the seed should toil itself, injures itself, despite the fact is that the seed should battle against the soil, rises into numerous roots and procures a tree, a reward of the seed’s hard work. And now let us imagine about the bird which declines to unwrap its wings to fly higher. Should the bird will be able to resist in this world? Maybe not, until it doesn’t strive to fly, it can’t be able to obtain food and it disappears. In case if the bird struggles harder to unwrap its wings, it can be able to attain the limit of the atmosphere. Such examples are to persist us the motive to accomplish the hard work.

Many of us strive hard to attain our mission for about a thousand to million times, although we can’t be able to obtain our goal, we may assume that we don’t deserve to be to accomplish our intention. It may be our own perspective or self-belief, hurdles and turmoils conflict between the path towards our destination, it is common and those hurdles prevail to mould us, in case it would be the best way to obtain our goal. Suppose if our path doesn’t fill with turmoils, should our accomplishment does restore in others mind? Shall we be eligible to be an inspiration to this world? Maybe not, because it’s not hard work, just work. Attempting more than a million or billions of times in the process of attaining our goal may not be a burden. Remoulding ourselves will compel us towards high, one day or the other, unless working hard is necessary.

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