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Hate Platforms Disintegrating the Nation

Nowadays, such content is being served on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, which is obnoxious, indecent, violent, misleading and anti-national, whose purpose is not to unite the nation, but to break it. Such people are active on these social forums, who believe in the policy of sabotage, they are ready to do petty acts like character assassinations, abuse and create a chaotic environment by adopting disorderly and destructive policy. Such violence, hatred and misinformation should have no place in a progressive, civilized and decent society, but the irony is that the government is not able to control these chaotic situations due to the Freedom of Expression Act.

Conspiracies to break the country are spreading on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and these conspiracies create a nuisance environment in society. There has been a competition to celebrate these anti-national subversive designs, hate speeches, distorted developments, violence and communalism and dissemination of misleading information. This fact has been revealed by Facebook itself and some American media organizations after their study. The researchers opened accounts on Facebook two years ago and continuously monitored what content was being served on the platform in India. They were surprised to see that they were full of misinformation and hate ideas. Although Facebook claims that it does not publish any objectionable content, it immediately sends warnings and blocks the content to those who do. The question is, why did this system of Facebook spread here? Is Facebook itself responsible for making such a storm of hatred ubiquitous?

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook are said to be the platforms of social interaction, but the amount of political, religious and social hatred being spread on these platforms is worrying. Facebook is unable to stop misleading information, hate speech and celebratory content about violence in India, according to internal documents of Facebook, but the big question is why it is not able to stop? Is this a sign of a conspiracy against India? The question is also whose interest is being served by this kind of misleading, disorderly, destructive and hate-mongering policy? It is strange that such trends have increased rapidly in India.

The fact is that only five out of twenty-two languages in India have been screened and analysed by Facebook through artificial intelligence. Even in big languages like Hindi and Bangla, it has no way of analysing the content served. Obviously, this has given an open ground to the rowdy and narrow minded people, who want to break the conditions of peace and harmony of the country or give shape to their narrow interests. There has also been a conspiracy to influence elections through this misleading information.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder-CEO of Facebook, said that “India is of great importance in the history of Facebook. When the company was going through a bad phase and was on the verge of closure, my mentor Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) advised me to visit a temple in India. After returning from there, I gained self-confidence and the company became successful. That’s why India is at the top of their ‘list’. Just a year ago, again during his visit to India, Zuckerberg indicated that he intended to bring the Internet to the poor. Facebook has set a new example of popularity in India. But India that gave new life to Facebook, would it like to be responsible for breaking the integrity of that country?

Social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook were developed with the aim of helping people to communicate with each other, express healthy and free thoughts and establish mutual harmony. Powers and political parties envious of India’s progress made it the medium of their propaganda and the fulfillment of so-called narrow interests. There is hardly any political party in India which does not have official accounts on Facebook. There is no error in having official accounts, but when his supporters, activists started expressing their party’s aggressive views by creating accounts in fake names, the atmosphere became polluted and violent. Then not only did party differences start to emerge there, political interests started coming to the fore.

It has become common for one party to oppose the other party, to degrade it, to hinder its progress and to demoralize the parties which set new records of success. If this artificial, misleading and false information of theirs is exposed, then not a single issue is found which touches the factual, theoretical and practical aspect. This is deliberately becoming a means of spreading anarchy and workers of different political parties were seen getting confused in this, rather they started taking pride in spreading excitement by spreading misinformation and hate ideas. Many times its bad results have also been seen, when people under the influence of such thoughts were found committing violence in the form of a mob. People who understand how heinous and anti-national is such an attempt made only with the aim of character assassination and anarchy.

Governments are creating new chapters for the unity and integrity of the nation, communal harmony and progress – this country has a culture, a heritage; it cannot be defeated by such tricks. It is surprising that despite the intensity and length of opposition, the existence of institutions, political parties, ideologies, and leaders could not come under any threat and those who wrote and presented opposing dialogues could not succeed in their objective. Sometimes it seems that opposition is the destiny of these so-called anti-national elements and political parties. It is strange that no political party gives any explanation on such rumors, information, ideas spread by its workers and no one has taken any measures to discipline and restrain them.

Platforms like Facebook are seamless, where anyone is free to open their account without paying any fees. Nowadays, the Smartphone has come in every hand, due to which many people have become addicted to using this platform unbridled. But this addiction causes harm to the nation. The central government had tried to discipline these social forums in the past, but the constitutional system of freedom of expression is a major obstacle in this. However, these platforms of social media have also been seen playing a positive role for a healthy democracy. They also run the risk of severely undermining the rights of many people who express their views in a healthy manner and bring attention to many pressing issues. But the way in which a large number of unruly, violent, disruptive elements of national and social harmony have become active there, it is natural to be worried. It is necessary to curb them and take strict action against them.

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