Health checkup of the 2020 technology in the COVID-19

2020 is reaching the tech year of the Covid-19 because of some of the great tech launches which enhanced the mode of technology and way of power increment in the technical devices like laptops, tabs, smartphones, earphones, etc.

The tech companies are in a hurry to launch different products in the lockdown season and near to making the record too. Companies like Samsung had released their M31, M31s, S20, S20 Plus, and latest Samsung first-ever smart laptops. These M and S series have a wider range of advanced cameras and have the highest 6000 mah battery which provides a whole day play and work. On the other hand, Hp has released its new 2020 Omen series which has a different look with different features and giving the laptops with new thinking of bigger batteries with enabled fast charging. Now, the other companies will follow the trend and planning to build a gaming laptop that has good power efficiency or at least comparable to Hp omen. However, the automobile manufacturer is taking rest.

The other companies like Oppo, Motorola, and Mi are releasing their new variants of smartphones which look interactive and have high battery backup. For this, Asus has launched its series of ROG smartphones which has an innovative 144hz screen with 6000 mah of powerful battery.

Nowadays the developers are also running on time and thinking about new ideas. A new programming language is released by Google and it claims that they are inviting people to learn it for free.

There are many benefits a technical company is making while launching in Covid-19 condition:

  • Increase in the number of sales
  • Obtained a great concept for future products
  • Gaining reviews and suggestions from customers
  • As people are at home they are taking different products for entertainment and learning purposes.
  • Contribution in Make in India project.
  • Development of a huge tech consumer market due to the 2020 lockdown.

There are different platforms where people are interacting with each other after the ban of Tiktok and other useful apps. The small content creators and celebrities are contributing more to online platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn has also increased the number of users.

Here are some apps which are on boom in this lockdown period and some new launches:

New launch

Dhristi app: This is a video calling, meeting, and online interaction app made in India. This app allows university-level teachers and bigger officials to hold a meeting of up to 100 people together on the video chat. The app will be going to replace the Zoom app which is used by many companies.

Daily use and popular

YouTube: This is one of the great apps and provides the content creators to get a huge fan following while you can also contribute to society and help the students, others by increasing their skills.

LinkedIn: Now, the placements are going on the online platforms thus, this app becomes the most important part of the candidate’s talent, records, and cv. It has a boom in upcoming years and the subscription is also increasing for unlocking the premium account to get in touch with the online recruiting team of different companies via LinkedIn.

Amazon prime: This the most running app in almost every home by consuming most of the internet because this is the place that provides the whole entertainment setup and newly released movies on Amazon prime. Thus, creating a large fan base and there is some news that Amazon prime’s subscription has increased by more than three times than regular.

Netflix: Same as amazon prime but yes, but one can explore more options for TV serials and different series available on it because different entertainment platforms have different serials and shows which are unique and only released on either Netflix, amazon prime, or Disney Hotstar.

Likee: This is the most running app and now gaining reviews and time by the increasing Tiktok users because many Tiktokers are using different social media sites or apps like this or Snapchat for creating small content.

All social media websites: The Covid-19 has brought the growth for different social media websites are earning lots of surfing time and playing time in every country and each home. These websites are keeping the personal interests and stalk rate on much greater instincts.

Coming to back to the development in the gaming side then we have the development of advanced gaming laptops like:
  • HP OMEN 2020
  • ACER NITRO 5,7
  • ASUS TUF 2020 (A15)
  • ROG 2020

These are some powerful changes which occurred in the lockdown period and they have provided and launched with different high gaming graphic cards with higher-end gaming facility to pass the time of Covid-19 pandemic.

If it is said that gaming laptops and smartphones are providing users safer and high gameplay with their increased battery power and boot speed.

The conclusion can be drawn easily that the tech is appreciable and they are making modifications and releasing the products in 2020 which are smart and can make any user not leave that within some hours thus, a great source of time pass and enthusiasm. These product based companies have increased the durability and battery backup of their products for long-lasting enjoyment too. Moreover, some companies are releasing different courses for college students to learn tech and earn great certification from product-based companies for free with some student-friendly learning platforms too. Thus, keeping everyone in mind the tech companies are teaching us how to engage someone with some enhancements and modifications in planning.

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