Herbivores along with Non-Smokers Parents shall get More Points

Herbivores along with Non-Smokers Parents shall get More Points: Nursery Admission in the Capital

Anyway, it is important to upload Admission Criteria by all the schools in the National Capital in regard to Nursery Admission. You can get information about this by phone at school or on the education department’s website.

Most schools are demanding Self-Attested Documents. Both the mother and the father will have to do it.It is enough to attribute the document itself to anyone.

Admission Criteria of Private Schools is now on the Education Directorate’s website and many schools are seen violating the High Court orders. Many schools are preparing to give admission on the basis on which the High Court has prohibited admission. This year’s admission criteria shall be done on the basis of vegetarian, non-smoker parents including transfer and management quota. The High Court issued a list of 50 Brain Criteria in 2016. There are so many schools that have been defaming the court by violating the verdict of court in regard to admission since two years.

The Directorate of Education has given clearance for admission at the point of transfer case and the High Court has agreed on it two years ago. But still many schools are preparing to give admission on the basis of newly initiated criteria that includes points on vegetarian parents and Non-smokers parents.Public schools in the national capital like Plato Public School, Cosmos Public School – Vasundhara Enclave, Beautiful Public Middle School – Yamuna Vihar, Arvind Public School – Jauharpur, Gandhi Memorial Public School – Brahmapuri, Motherhood Public School, Adarshan Saran Balvika Vidyalaya  are giving 5 to 10 points to children on transfer / interstate transfer.

Nursery admission Expert Sumit Vohra says,” criteria of Interstate transfer admission,  has been found a large number of fraud in 2014.”

Some schools have kept the management quota in Criteria. Like Vijaydeep School-Karwal Nagar or Monarch Public School-Harsh Vihar.

Apart from 20% of the management quota, it has been included an newly introduced Criteria, which is legally incorrect. If parents are working at Sister Concern School, then the child can not be given points on this basis, but Sardar Patel Senior Public School is also giving 15 points for it which absolutely contradicts the court verdict.

Sumit Vohra says that the Directorate of Education prepared  further action plan for those schools who did not upload the Criteria.

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