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Hindu girl strangled to death in Pakistan

This is the sour reality of Pakistan, it is immense difficult for minorities to live there; Hindu girl strangled to death in hostel
|| Anjan Kumar Samal

A Hindu girl hails from ‘Ghotki’ area of ​​‘Sindh’ province of Pakistan was unfortunately  found dead in the hostel of ‘Asifa Medical Dental College ‘in ’ Larkana’ on last Monday. It is reported that the girl was strangled to death with a rope. The college administration is denying it as any conspiracy and termed it as a suicide.

The incident came to lime light after a fierce sabotage in a temple by fundamentalists in ‘Ghotki’.The said controversy initiated with false accusations of sacrilege against a Hindu teacher in a high school. The radicals attacked the school and the temple and vandalized as if no law and order in the province.

The Fact on Ground

As per various report and source, Namrata Chandani, a last year student of BDS was in fact found dead in her room on Monday. Her body was lying on a bed tied with a rope. The college administration is trying it’s best to term it as a suicide, but the evidence is pointing in another direction.

Struggled a lot to save life

As a picture speaks louder than words ,it felt that it appears that she fought a lot to save her life. Not mere this, her phone also found missing, which was later recovered by the police. Now questions are arising that if the girl committed suicide then why did her body lie on the bed instead of hanging from the rope, as is usually in any case of hanging suicide.

Demand for fair investigation of the case

A video in relates to this incident has surfaced, in which Namrita’s brother Dr. Vishal was seen alleging that there were rope marks on her sister’s neck. Dr. Vishal also demanded an impartial inquiry into the matter and appealed citizens of Pakistan to support their families.

Persistent atrocities on minorities

In the last few weeks, there have been many cases of relentless atrocities on minorities and forced conversions in Pakistan. Earlier this month, a Sikh girl was kidnapped and forced to marry a Muslim man. In an another unfortunate incident, a 15-year-old Christian student was forcibly converted to Islam and a BBA Hindu student was forced to marry a Muslim.

Despite of such illegal and unfortunate cases, there is no law for prohibiting forced conversion in Pakistan.


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