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How can get fast results thru workout

Whenever you start a workout you must first know what you are doing and what is your goal. You should know how much cardio you need, how much strength you need, it is determined by your body weight. You should divide your workout plan into three parts.
|| Deepak Kharab

First of all, keeping in mind the mobility of the joints, we should train with our own body weight, which reduces the risk of 35% to 40% of the injury, resulting in natural strength, moments and motor skills development.

Description: As we all knows that Muscles give protection to bones and joints, Muscles occurs in pairs, 320 x 2 = 640 muscles are founded in a human body.

Muscles required hypotrophy to increase strength and also to built-in shape and size.

Our body is habitual and familiar with its own weight in daily routine work, accordingly, in the duration of workout, our muscles also perform and transfer reactions as per our own body weight to achieve a compound moment.

Calisthenics training contains lot of compound moments and increases agility & mobility, which helps to perform with the weights to increase muscle and strength.

With our own bodyweight training, we do generate lots of motions and moments without dumbbells, barbell or any machine, known as vacuum training.

If we do lift a dumbbell or barbell it’s a compound moment, and this contains a bunch of muscle, its not usually possible to train the whole bunch of muscle with dumbbell and barbell, so free hand exercise or own body weight workout is must required to mature this compound moment

How can get fast results thru workout (Part-2)

Exercise done by making angle and rhythm on idol weights selections gives results, there should be direct coordination of mind and muscle, only then you will get the result in training quickly.

As we know mind and muscle coordination is a chain reaction of neuromuscular coordination, when we do any task that time, our muscle related to that particular task required ATP/ minerals at that time mind will feel that moment and accordingly will supply the essentials to fulfill the desire of that particular muscle.

For example: At the time of lifting our goal is to lift the barbell, it’s a totally compound moment of a bunch of muscles, at the time of lifting if we have a proper reaction on time, our mind will give the message to muscle for perform and muscle will follow the message, in that case, we can do better lifts on a limited time.

When you focus on using specific muscles to create contractions, the brain calls upon a greater percentage of high muscle fibre to complete the task. This also prevents innervating of muscle fibre not in use. By creating tension in the right muscles, your body is better able to gain strength and size in all the right places.

To improve your mind-muscle connection, focus your attention on the muscles required to move the weight. During biceps curls, for instance, think about how the muscles in the front of the arm contract to move the weight toward your shoulder. (This goes for all strength exercises.)

Your mind has plenty of ways to connect with your muscles during exercise. Choose one thing to focus on at a time and build this skill as you become more in tune with your body.

Mind and Muscle coordination also improve your muscle memory system which helps in rapid results and growth & repairing in a short period.

If you are newer to exercise, it’s best to start by turning off all distractions. Eccentric contractions are the easiest to learn and a good way to build muscle fast. If you’re a gym veteran, focus on concentric and isometric contracts, and build cues into your training in order to tap into your muscle-building potential.

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