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How To Improve Your Immunity

It’s the defence mechanism in our body that protects us against external factors. There are 4 pillars that have to work In tandem to have a robust immune system.
By Nidhi Agarwal Khemka | Nutritionist

  • nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Mental health

Four simple rules of nutrition

  • Chew your food well: It helps mix the food with the digestive juices without which all the goodness of even the superfoods would be lost.
  • Eat mindfully and tastefully: No Getting distracted while eating food, our body gives us subtle signals when it’s full and if we are not paying attention that’s completely missed.
  • Food has to be wholesome and varied: The food has to be a mix of all the food groups : carbs , proteins, healthy fats , vitamins and minerals. Each food group serves its purpose and cannot be eliminated without inviting diseases.
  • Food has to be local and fresh: Every community has their own way of eating based on the climate of the place. Plus locally grown food is fresh and full of nutrients. U can never go wrong with having bajra in Rajasthan or rice in Assam, fish in Bengal or fermented food and coconut in the south.

Food that harms the immune system

  • Sugar: Our gut has two types of bacteria, the good bacteria ( probiotics) and the bad bacteria, (which feeds on sugar). So when we consume sugar, our immunity cuts down by half.
  • Processed food
  • Packed food
  • Fried food

Let me share a simple plan which could be moulded as per your local preferences to boost your immunity

Early morning : oil pulling , warm water, Aloevera Amla wheatgrass giloy mornings juice Plus nuts (a combination of iron and vitamin c and healthy fats which helps in the absorbtion of vitamin A, D, E, K ).

Breakfast: ragi/ alternative flour cooked the way u like with ghee / coconut / mustard oil along with Garam masala ( immunity boosting spices like haldi, black pepper etc )

Mid morning: fruits and seeds with green tea with lemon ( antioxidants which boosts immunity by removing free radicles)

Lunch: desi lunch like explained before. Include curd which is a natural probiotic and achaar which is rich in b12 ( most vegetarians lack in this )

M evening: Kadha / green tea with chaats/ sprouts and seeds

Dinner: desi dinner

Post dinner: haldi adrak milk ( medicinal properties and also induces sound sleep )


Only 45 to 60 min of exercise is needed by the body. Indulge in a form of exercise suitable to your body type , which u enjoy , be consistent with it .


Sleep rejuvenates and repairs the body and helps in balancing hormones. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is a must, if you wake up feeling fresh means your daily target achieved. some of us have trouble falling asleep, let us look at some tips for improving the sleep quality.

  • Try having some warm haldi milk half an hour before going to bed.
  • Try switching of gadgets one hour before sleep
  • Try having some chamomile tea
  • Lavender oil has also been proven to promote good sleep you can burn it in an oil burner or sprinkle a few drops on your pillow and go off to sleep
  • Try to sleep around the same time every day sets your body clock and promotes deep sleep.

Emotional Health: stress leads to the release of cortisol in the body which harms our immune system directly.

  • Practice meditation
  • Make a list of things that stresses you out, work on finding solutions and let go of things beyond control.
  • Practise gratitude every day
  • Keep reaffirming, I am strong!
Nutritionist Nidhi Agarwal Khemka

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