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How to Say No to Online Distractions?

When Walking, Walk. When Eating, Eat.

-Zen Proverb

This excellent proverb vaguely enunciates that one should untiringly focus on his present activity. It is aiming to inculcate an individual with a good-habit of focusing on what he is doing at this point.
|| Anmol Madan

Is it just me or have you also caught yourself trapped in the net of social media while doing your work? Is your notification sound louder than your will to complete your task?

Probably, the answer to this question is a big YES. We all have become a slave to this little device lying in our pockets.

Social media is not injurious to health, it is the time and the purpose of the usage is going to decide the effects. Here is the list of tricks and tips that can help a person to channelize his attention towards the required area.

Analyse your Timings

There are numerous apps available on the play store that helps you to determine ‘screen time’. Many apps have an inbuilt feature of describing the same. Go through the activity of each app and then construct strategies to avoid that app.

The notifications can be turned off or the app can be discarded if it does not belong to the category of useful apps. Scheduling the use of the app can also be done if it works.

It is not feasible to discard the app straightaway. It can be done gradually by reducing the amount of time spent on a particular application.

Keep a disciplined approach towards your work

While getting distracted ask yourself a few questions: “What matters?”, “Are you doing what is right?”. Your answers are not positive: the reason you are reading this article.

Making the work as a priority and then avoiding everything that hinders you from accomplishing your task. Adopting a disciplined approach towards work can help a lot.

Meditate, Meditate and Meditate!

Meditation enables a person to defeat the inability to focus and channelizes one’s energy towards the most productive deeds. It enables a person to overcome anxiety, fear and tension and grants peace and serenity that can lift a person to the great heights.

Modify using Patterns

This a diligent method of converting your distractions into something fruitful. You’d need to adjust your newsfeed accordingly. Surf the app and instead of following trending meme pages, follow the accounts that post things related to your work and interests. This can grant a tone of productivity to your distractions.

Adjust the display settings of your phone

Adjusting the display settings means the apps that serve as a source of distraction can be bundled and put in a folder. Another alternative could be disabling those distracting apps.

“Lack of Direction, Not Lack of Time, Is the Problem, We All Have Twenty-Four Hour Days.”

-Zig Ziglar

This quote validates the purpose of the article. All we need is a direction and focus to work in a dignified manner. We all are blessed with twenty-four hours and this is our responsibility to keep our eyes and mind away from the distractions to utilise the maximum part of the day productively.

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