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I shall ask MODI standing on his front about Pulwama:Tej Bahadur Yadav

Samajwadi Party has fielded former BSF soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav in Varanasi against  PM Modi.Bahadur had filled nomination as an independent candidate earlier but now after getting support from the Samajwadi Party , he turned as SP’s candidate from Varanasi Loksabha Constituency.

Tejbahadur in an interview ,revealed that he had written all political parties to support him for his truthful stand against the Prime Minister of India in this biggest political Mahabharat of India. Consequently Samajwadi Party has extended it’s support for my stand on fighting against acute corruption in our Army.

He said, “After reaching Varanasi, I wrote a letter to all the parties and asked the parties talking about the interests of farmers, soldiers and unemployed people to cooperate in their election campaign. First of all, the Aam Aadmi Party has supported us. Two days ago, I received a call from the Samajwadi Party and was urged to come to Lucknow. “

Tej Bahadur said, “I met Akhilesh Yadav and he offered me to contest from the party and said that the Samajwadi Party has agreed with all my issues.”

He further said, “If a party understands my issues properly and goes ahead with those, then I would definitely fight for the same party. If the Congress would have agreed with my issues then I would have  stand on behalf of Congress but the fact is that there are many issues of mine also not included by the Congress party in their manifesto. “

Will fighting on behalf of a party weaken their issues and the party’s ideology will dominate? On this question, Sharad Bahadur says, “Our issues are also issues of the party, the party has said that our fight is for the youth, the farmer, the unemployed, the workers, the party raised the issue of pension of jawans and status of martyr Our issues have been met and I have also added my issues. ”

Samajwadi Party had made Shalini Yadav the candidate from Varanasi earlier. Now his place has been given to the brave Bahadur.

Will Shalini Yadav, the former SP candidate  help him in the election campaign? 

On this question, he says, “He said that She will support me on behalf of women and  also she will campaign for me.” BJP is a very vicious political party, by putting obstacles, the party may also cancel my nomination . The decision of my candidacy is the decision of the Samajwadi party’s President which  may  have predicated as the master stroke as per the political equation. “

Tej Bahadur says that after getting the candidature from the party, his election campaign has been strengthened as he will now contest the elections with a strong election symbol on behalf of the important , SP-BSP alliance.

Congress candidate Ajay Rai is also in the fray from Varanasi. Tej Bahadur also has written a letter to the Congress and has sought cooperation.

Question to Modi

Tej Bahadur originally hails from Haryana and in the year 2017 one of his videos was viral. Tej Bahadur was working in BSF and in his video, he had complained about the quality of food that  was served by BSF to soldiers.

On the question of contesting from Varanasi, he says, “Kashi is the place of ‘ Kaal Bhairav.’If Modi can win here, I also believe that the people of Varanasi will bless me too.”

He said, “Those promises were made by Modi only, while being in the army, I raised the question of ‘roti,’ which in turn led to my dismissal.” Later my son also died. He has not fulfilled the promise, and now I have come to ask the question directly to the Prime Minister. I will ask him if he has fulfilled any of the promises  those were made in 2014. “

Tej Bahadur: “My first aim of coming to Varanasi is the security of the country.Varanasi’s problems will remain as my issue but I will also take all other concerned issues the issues of the country like the National security and unemployment etc.”

 He further urged ,”Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been claiming in his election campaign that the security of the country has been strengthened during his tenure. Taking this question, Sharad Bahadur says, If this is so, then tell me how the Pulwama attack happened and why it was not investigated?”


He says, “If security is so strong then why  thousands of soldiers are supporting my stand against Modi. 997 soldiers have committed suicide and  775 jawans are martyred which these government does not reveal. We have statistics. Pakistan always wants to put India into problems , but these people speak against Pakistan only in the time of Election . “

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